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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I just spent the last five minutes staring at my blog title while twiddling my thumbs. I'm not really sure what to say besides... this totally sucks.

I considered just leaving a sad faced emoticon but that would be a bit of a cop out. The whole purpose behind these weekly update blogs is to help me better understand how I'm doing on this journey. And according to the blog title - I'm not doing too well at the moment.

The first five days were pretty good for me (diet and exercise wise), not excellent by any stretch of the imagination but still pretty good. The last two days were pretty rough though.

I've got a list of excuses about a mile long that range from female troubles to scientifically verified willpower depletion. Excuses are excuses though. Just like there's no crying in baseball, there's no excuses in dieting. I can't even claim temporary insanity for this week's weight gain - apparently it's not an acceptable form of defense in this arena either.

Isn't it hilarious that last week I made this grandiose proclamation that I'd lose 4.5 pounds this week and instead I gained 1.2? That's definitely the cherry on top of the humble pie.

My ambitious nature has the tendency to force feed me my own words at times. I'll completely own up to my 4.5 pound broken promise this time (even though I'd like to blame it on the side of my personality that got me into this mess - she wasn't in control this entire week though so she's not 100% to blame).

Well, I just spent another 5 minutes twiddling my thumbs again while deciding on how to end this little blog. I considered making a vow to never make overly ambitious weight loss goals again and instead just focus on slow and steady weight loss. But I feel that's a bit of a cop out too. I know I can do it. There's nothing to prevent me from every once in a while striving for a higher number on the scale.

I'd now like the 2.5 people who read this to please un-twist your panties. I'm not going to make this a regular occurrence. I completely understand that small and steady losses will help me better maintain weight loss in the future and I promise to make that my main plan of attack. But I just need to prove to myself that if I can focus for an entire week - I can achieve a good weight loss.

So, no matter how much I may regret this statement next week, I will try and get close to 200 pounds for the next weigh-in. I'm not looking to get under that threshold - just super duper close to it.

You've fooled me once Ms. Overly Ambitious Personality, please, please, please don't fool me twice. I don't think the humble side of my personality would appreciate having to write another apologetic blog next week.
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    So you made a proclamation of hoping to lose 4.5 pounds in a week and it didn't happen. IT'S OKAY!!!!! If you had the courage to proclaim it, then you had faith in yourself that it could happen. That means you felt so great about yourself at that point in time that you really knew you could make it still can!!! Maybe you had a bad day, a bad moment, but look back to that day and remember the you that was writing that proclamation and embrace the heck out of that girl again and you WILL make it happen. If not, you tried and you'll keep trying until you ARE able to achieve it! An achievement is being able to proclaim a goal. Some goals take longer than others but at the end of the day or the week or the month, once those 4.5 pounds are gone, you can move onto the next goal. You already lost alot of weight, you know that you can do it. A small gain isn't a roadblock, its a learning method for finding what works, what doesn't and how to keep moving forward one baby step at a time. You got this, you've got those 4.5 pounds in the palm of your hand ready to throw them over your shoulder and into the past. Keep trying, keep smiling and remember that we're rooting for you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1822 days ago
    not sure how you want me to answer to this blog love,also my head is not very clear being ill so i will just say emoticon emoticon
    1822 days ago
    We can do this. I've been frustrated recently with the lack of consistent loses. Love Zoe's one day at a time approach!
    1823 days ago
    1823 days ago
    Sweet, you've gained another reader...all the way up to 2.5 now! As for the's a number, that's all. Care to compare it with the number you started with 5 (or however long ago this BLC round started) weeks ago? Just scanning your blog titles, it kind of looks like you're down 9.9 in the past 40 days. Sure, straight extrapolation from a small sample size over a short time frame is a really really baaaad way to go about things when you're talking about weight loss, but I'm going to do it anyway, just to point out that if you keep that rate up, your end of 2013 self portrait would have to be a stick figure.

    So you got beat this week, so what? Every year, sports teams win championships, but there hasn't been an undefeated champ in NCAA basketball or NFL football since the 1970s. The point of this tortured sports analogy being that no one goes through the process unblemished. Save your apology, it's not necessary.
    1823 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    emoticon emoticon

    1823 days ago
    Let's work one day at the time and we can do this. I'm right where you are. After my great loss last week I was expecting the same but no, I gained also.

    I wish you a happy blog next week :)
    1823 days ago
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