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Intro To My Class - 2nd try, new format

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is the slide show I am going to use to introduce both myself and the program to the class. Let me know what you think.

I also uploaded a copy on You Tube because initially the video on Sparkpeople would not process or took a long time to process. Anyway, that is fixed now.

You Tube link

The class itself will be about 6 sessions, 1 hour each where we will go in depth on various topics addressing the common challenges with changing ones lifestyle and weight loss. Since anything other than basic nutrition is out of the scope of practice for a personal trainer, my focus will be more on the motivational and internal issues that we face on this journey and to simply pass on those things I have learned along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment.


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
PENOWOK 2/21/2013 7:30AM

    It played and well. Nice job, Robert!

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KATHIC2 2/21/2013 6:52AM

  Don't over think. Be who you are. Be your genuine self. You have so much to offer.

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FORBANDE 2/21/2013 6:17AM

    Great job! Thanks for sharing! Your narration was clear, concise and had emotion. It came across as personal and not a script. The order and transitioning are very good. The content is well thought out and does an excellent job of giving an overview and building interest while giving you credibility as the presenter.

A few things that I might suggest are:
1. Screen fillers when you are talking or transitioning. When the screen was blank/blue I found myself concentrating on it changing and not as much on what you were saying.

2. I think the quotes from your journal is a great idea. Maybe include one or two when you were experiencing self-doubt or a set back. This may help reinforce the topic/goal of dealing with a set back.

3. I agree with some of the other posts about a side-by-side photo comparison. I think there is a lot of impact with those.

4. You mentioned food addiction/binge recovery as one of the topics/goals but your intro really didn't give any information as to your experience with them, your dietary changes or nutrition education.

5. Maybe add a phrase to better define emotional economy. I think some of us are familiar with your terminology because of your holy grail blogs but newcomers might need a simple description so they get that "Oh. I need that." feeling.

I know it is a short introduction so it's hard to cover everything. Plus you've got to save the details for each class.

Awesome job! You are changing lives and realizing your dream. I'm so happy for you!

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BBECKER1955 2/21/2013 5:46AM

    First, great job on getting to a healthy life style! Second, I think this a great way to introduce yourself to the class. Knowing your story should hook them right from the start. emoticon

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TRYINGHARD54 2/21/2013 5:44AM

    great video.... keep up the good work!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 2/21/2013 5:21AM

    i really liked it robert but maybe at the biginning have a comparison photo of a before and after picture of you.i know you are there for them to see you in person but seeing the photos side by side makes more of an impact i have found when i have seen them to a person standing a bit away from a before photo unless it is a lifesize before photo.just a thought.anyway robert i know you will be absolutely great and canīt wait to read your feedback on the class. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BLUENOSE63 2/21/2013 5:15AM

  You rock Robert! Thanks for posting to You Tube so I could see it!

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LIFETIMER54 2/21/2013 4:14AM


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NUOVAELLE 2/21/2013 2:33AM

    Robert, your story will never cease to inspire! This is an excellent slide show and I really love the way it ends. I would also like a few more pictures at the first part, from your life before. Pictures can really make your story "alive" in the eyes of your class members and the comparison to today's image can offer a great source of motivation for them. Also, there's nothing more inspiring than your own thoughts during your journey and your own inner struggle. You could use more quotes from your journal and lines from your older blogs.
Good luck with your class! They are so lucky to have you!

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KUTEY5041 2/21/2013 2:27AM

    I think it was great. If I was where you are, you would have me in your class. You have the touch to have people want to change and there is no arrogance in it. One person to another.
Great job. They will love the intro

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WORLDSERIES11 2/21/2013 12:44AM

    emoticon Robert!
A great beginning to what sounds like a really informative and beneficial class. Good Luck!!

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 2/20/2013 11:47PM

    emoticon emoticon
Looks like you have a great first class lined up. Hope it all goes well!

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TREYONE 2/20/2013 10:04PM

  Up and working now!! emoticon

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NELLIEH1 2/20/2013 9:30PM

    It works now on SP. Your presentation is very clear, concise and challenging. The photos add interest as well. Maybe I'll think about running...Thanks emoticon

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MOBYCARP 2/20/2013 8:59PM

    The video is working on SP now. I liked it, though it's pretty heavy on the fitness and light on the nutrition part of things. Hopefully it's one of a series and you'll do something with nutrition in another class or another video.

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ALDEBARANIAN 2/20/2013 8:24PM

    Good one.

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ONEKIDSMOM 2/20/2013 8:16PM

    Liked it a lot, Robert. Just the right start for the class!

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LRB444 2/20/2013 8:13PM


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CLPURNELL 2/20/2013 7:36PM


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MAMMAC66 2/20/2013 6:44PM

    Awesome! I would definitely take your class. emoticon

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GINA180847 2/20/2013 6:43PM

    Any human being with any degree of empathy will be touched and moved by this blog. Looking forward to more!

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DDOORN 2/20/2013 6:31PM

    Hey, I'm baaaack! This is working SUPER! I'm going to save this for future reference as we are beginning to lead health-based workshops for our clients and your format is gonna be a BIG HIT with them I just KNOW!

Thx BUNCHES Robert for paying your Spark Forward!


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TAMMYINPA 2/20/2013 6:24PM

    Robert, I thought your video class was awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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COFFEELADY68 2/20/2013 6:23PM

    This is fantastic! Congratulations on your idea becoming a reality of starting this class! Many people will be inspired! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NILLAPEPSI 2/20/2013 6:20PM

    emoticon I wish I lived close enough to take your class. emoticon

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GARDENCHRIS 2/20/2013 5:59PM

    I watchd it on youtube,
I thought it was good, the pictures and your voice talking over were good.... only suggestion I would make is less blank blue screen or put more pictures up... as you are talking I kept waiting for something to show up.... I think all the topic was good, your talking was clear and ordered....if you dont want more pictures, just don't leave the screen blank.... other than that GREAT JOB!!!!

Thanks for being brave enough to let us critique you!

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ALIDOSHA 2/20/2013 5:19PM

    Please don't give up. Sorry I'm not able to help.

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SKIRNIR 2/20/2013 4:00PM

    Viewed the video on youtube and it is a great introduction. It tells your story and wets your appetite for what is to come in the class. Now many in the class will start thinking no way when you talk about marathons and triathlons, etc. But in talking about how you could hardly swim, helps. Did you really figure it all out via an online video and practice? No trainer to help with the swimming? I have to admit the swimming is what would keep me from doing a triathlon. Did my first half and I could see doing a walk/run and bike, but not swim as of yet. Maybe I will work on that now that we have a condo with a community swimming pool. First time I have had a swimming pool with easy access.

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TRAVELGRRL 2/20/2013 3:55PM

    I listened to your YouTube come across as very sincere and DEFINITELY from a place of accomplishment. I think you will be a great and earnest teacher. As a teacher of 25 years, I just want to caution you against becoming more invested than your students are...we can't save them all, no matter how hard we work. Some people don't want as much for themselves as we, their teachers, want for them.

But I know you will definitely enjoy this new challenge and may find a new calling!

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ANTHEE62 2/20/2013 3:44PM

    Just watched it on You Tube. It is wonderful to hear from someone that has been through it and is sharing experiential knowledge. You are leading by example and using your gift to help others! Outstanding! Look forward to the rest.

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MARITIMER3 2/20/2013 3:29PM

    Excellent blog, Robert. I think that people will be very impressed when you show the video. You have certainly proved that if you work hard, consistently and for as long as it takes, people can succeed and reach their goal. I was especially touched by your comment about being able to get weighed at the gym, even though the scale only went up to 350. That must have been a wonderful day for you.

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-PAULA 2/20/2013 2:08PM

    Loved your blog. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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PHOENIX1949 2/20/2013 1:37PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAUREENGRACE1 2/20/2013 1:04PM

    Saw your video on youtube. Was impressed, also was pleased you didn't use the 'I can do it so can you', attitude. Quite honestly that bugs the hell out of me. We are all different, and approach problems that are the same as others, but differently. Well done Robert, you have shown that you are dealing with your problem, and allowing others to join you. No preaching, just this is how I did it, join me if you want. emoticon

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GOING-STRONG 2/20/2013 12:46PM

    Very nice presentation. It kept my interest and was inspirational. I am considering a full marathon but having doubts after just completing a tough half. I'm going to keep training and make a decision in the next few months, but your can do attitude gives me hope.

Spark on my friend... good job!


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123ELAINE456 2/20/2013 12:32PM

  Awesome Presentation. You will make an Excellent Online Teacher. Looking Forward for the rest of the Series. You are a Great Inspiration to Many People. Keep It Up. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Super Nice Day. Take Care.

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PATTISTAMPS 2/20/2013 12:06PM

    Robert - this is EXCELLENT!! The "hook" at the end almost made me cry - The Courage to begn, the Will to finish! My only suggestion is to add more graphics or cartoons for photos in some of the slides that are all verbiage. Not every one - maybe 4 to 6 adds? Just my thought. I wish I could take your class!

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ATTACKFATCAT 2/20/2013 11:59AM

    Great slideshow. I do like how you did a mix of pictures and some bullet points, but not a lot of text. It's very easy to read and understand the key points. I also like how you put goals in at the end for the seminar.

1) You talked a lot about getting a personal trainer and what you accomplished in exercise, but you didn't touch much on nutrition. If you are saving that for a later session, then that's OK, but I would at least give a general idea of what you did differently with your eating (if you did anything differently at all)

2) You said you were using "quotes" from your journal, but I think I only saw one. Maybe add one or two more?

I actually got my graduate degree in education, which included an adult learning course, so here are a few suggestions based off of my experience for your class as a whole:

1) Maybe after listing the goals, you want to include a slide with the different session titles and what will be covered. You might want to also provide the attendees with a short "syllabus" with your contact information, the name of the class, the session names, descriptions, and dates. Maybe half a page to a page? Or index cards would work too if you could print on them instead of having to hand-write.

2) It might be good to lead in with a discussion topic and maybe ask questions during your presentation. Like start off with "What is something that you struggle with on a daily basis? Stress, healthy living, confidence?" and maybe ask "What do you want to get out of this class?" when you discuss goals. You definitely want to get them talking and mix that in with you talking so they are constantly redirecting their focus.

3) Ask for some feedback at the end. Maybe index cards you take up at the end? (bring pens/pencils) Ask them on the card what is something they want to focus on, what do they want to get out of the class, or how you could do things differently next time.

You are going to do GREAT! I am really excited for you!

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SEPPIESUSAN 2/20/2013 11:55AM

    I watched on YouTube. Congratulations on your success! You have a way of presenting that is very clear and I'm sure you'll make a great online teacher.

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CBRINKLEY401 2/20/2013 11:55AM

    The video on YouTube was great. I think it helps for the people in your class, who only see how you are NOW, to realize where you once were. That way they know you understand what they are dealing with, and they can know that they too can succeed as well in reaching their goals!

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BLUEROSE73 2/20/2013 11:50AM

    Love it. It's so great.

One thought though. As someone who is stuck at the bottom of a climb like this, maybe try to remember more of what it felt like at each stage. Share more thoughts. When you were accepting your "normal" at your highest weight. Do you remember any of the negative self talk you had at that time? I know there was some - we all have it. The voices in our head that tell us there is no way out.

Or even when you start to climb out. You are feeling great about your accomplishments, but when you set that bar a little higher, does that voice of self doubt come back? How do/did you deal with it? How did you get past it to reach your new goals?

Just my two bits, but it might help you reach those who are still trapped by the voices of self doubt. Believing they can never find a way out. Showing them we all go through it, and it is a genuine struggle to get past this as well as the fitness/nutrition/training.

I think the video wouldn't post here because of length/size. They limit the size of videos they will post here on SP. I've had a few that won't post because they are too big.

Overall, it was a great video. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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CM_GARDNER78 2/20/2013 11:47AM

    Robert - this is FANTASTIC!!

First of all - I have been 'with' you during your entire journey. I have seen your blog posts after each race - I have seen how far you've come. But to see the whole thing complied like this....WOW! Amazing!! :-) I'm so proud of you!

Now - the video - it is great! I love it! It has inspired ME! I can't WAIT to see what you have in store for this class!!! This was a great intro - and I think the way you have done it is a perfect teaser for people who desperately need help! It gives people hope! :-) Great job!!!

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-STARRYEYED- 2/20/2013 11:44AM

    I watched it on the youtube link you provided. Worked fine! You are such an inspiration. I'm so glad you are teaching a class. emoticon

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KWEEKWEK 2/20/2013 11:33AM


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BLUEROSE73 2/20/2013 11:23AM

    It's still not up

will check back later

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DONNA5281 2/20/2013 11:15AM

  I still can't get it to work. Sorry

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CBRINKLEY401 2/20/2013 11:00AM

    I'll check back later. I hope it's working then. Best of luck with your new class.

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DDOORN 2/20/2013 10:55AM

    Great to hear of your ongoing efforts in leading this class...even if the video isn't yet working! :-)


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SKIRNIR 2/20/2013 10:48AM

    Don't think it is working. I see hold on your video is almost available on the screen. NO status bar movement or downloading showing.

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PATTISTAMPS 2/20/2013 10:48AM

    I wasn't able to see it... emoticon

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