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The Loose Pooch (*** warning much too much TMI***)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ok. So I'm loosing weight, great! The number on the scale is going down and I'm getting shrinking a little. Hubby thinks I'm looking good, I'm glad with my progress even my boys have noticed my 7 year old told me I was getting skinny(lol, no, not yet baby, but I will).
The problem? The pooch. I am sitting here and it is resting on my lap. No joke. It is grossing me out, big time. I looked down, because I can't even believe it's doing that.
Yes, everything is sagging. My skin looks like a over washed and dried cheap pair of linen curtains from bargain bin. I think everything looked better when it was plump. It filled out better, really.
Nothing was hanging, or flapping in the breeze. One good sneeze and half of my body flies forward and I have to hold on so I don't fall over from the backlash. I named the pooch a long time ago, after having my first son. "Bertha." yep. Bertha just sits there tucked in my underwear, sometimes hanging out of the side(sooo attractive-blech). She actually has three smiles where my C sections were. I think that's why she hangs down so much? Where the scars are the skin is pulled taught and tight, then everything left of stretched out loose flabby bertha-ness hangs over it.
Next question...what on earth's creation am I going to do about it?? I think for every half inch of skin, there is another half inch of stretch mark. If Bertha wasn't there I think I might have a chance of being in a size 12, right now. She's really holding me back ya know. It's skin though. Have I mentioned that it hangs???ew.
So, I researched the tummy tuck. I don't want to go through having my abdominals cut again... I do need to do something because as it gets worse, I have to put gold bond between the skin cliff because it gets red and irritated. I just would like the skin removed, Yes, there is still more chub that needs to vacate, and I'm working on it. ALthough pretty soon I'm going to have to roll that puppy up & add some supra-spanx to get it to stay in the general abdominal area.
Someone told me once about a Pandectomy? Anyone familiar with this? What are you other peeps doing about the loose skin...does your pooch hang low?
Don't even get me started on the boobs...Jeez louise. These mammaries have seen three babies and my belly button soon after!
I'm not sure what I'm going to do...but something will need to happen...because it thoroughly grosses me out.

Feedback please!
You are all Sparktastic!

Update: Dialed a friend...it's called a panniculectomy
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    Love this blog... saw it that day, but didn't get to reply. Lol.. feel the same way. My daughter calls it my squishy and she doesn't want me to lose it.. lol. It makes me appreciate her even more. We need to love our beautiful bodies. They are part of our history.. love the tiger stripe quote... mine is starting to get smaller and tighter, hopefully it keeps going that way. Either way i am loving this new body! Somedays i miss some of my padding, strange feeling some of my bones.
    Keep up the great work!!!:-)
    1666 days ago
  • MIRFA71
    Enjoyed your blog. Had a good laugh also. So, I am not alone with the pooch. I am considering doing the pooch reduction excercises GINGERD03 has mentioned. emoticon
    1669 days ago
    Looks like a lot of us are in the same boat with the belly flab etc... that has always been the biggest part of my body & where a lot of my weight goes. Stretch marks from years of pressuring-hanging there. So here is what I started to do & it is no miracle(meaning you got to put the work in)-but it is working to help lift.

    Each night I stand (lots of time when I'm in the shower) & I suck in & out my belly in a controlled way-push out-pull in-focusing on lifting the muscles. I started out only being able to do about 50 before it killed me. Now I can do 200 no problem & am moving it up. It's a simple exercises that over time increases the muscle tone-which as you shrink helps lift the belly skin up. Then I do 100 twist counting 1 as 2 sides meaning 1 (left right) 2 (left right) 3 (left right). This gives the other muscles on the sides time to train as well. Like I said it's no quick miracle -I've been doing this for quite a few months now & I am seeing the results.

    As for boobs-well I am trying to work on light weights to build the chest muscles up to help lift. As well as help the flab on the back of my arms-which is a tough one but trying my best to tone that up as well.

    I think doing some focus toning & doing simple things like I do can really help over time. You just have to keep at it. In the end if it doesn't work then I think totally see your doctor. That won't be an option for me so lets hope these exercises continue to work good. :)

    1670 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/26/2013 10:00:17 AM
    I feel ya sister! I went from a DD to a full B, SO sad, and they just hang... and stare at the floor... My arm flab is awesome though... truly! When I run, it claps and cheers me on! NO joke! The first time I heard it, I actually looked around to see what the noise was. As for my stomach... there are no words to describe it... I'm almost definite that surgery of any kind isn't in my future, so we'll go with spanx and a great bra! As for the arm flab... If I had $$$, THAT's what I'd get rid of!
    1671 days ago
    Well, I see you're in a good mood emoticon My plan has always been to contact a burn center and see if it is possible to donate the excess skin for burn victims. They use other organs, so why not skin? And if they can use pig skin (now, stop that! That isn't what I was saying, and you know it. Quit laughing at me!) Why not donor skin from another person? But waiting until you have made and maintained your goal weight for some time is a really good idea.

    Oh, and quit being so hard on yourself, you've done an awesome job so far!
    1675 days ago
    I have been pondering a blog about this, so you are definitely not alone! Being a mommy comes with a high price for some of us. I agree about talking with your Dr about it. Mine is convinced it will shrink down and if it doesn't, then we will address options. I really wanted to slap him, but restrained myself and will try to have the patience to see what happens as more weight comes off. I'm with ya girly!
    1676 days ago
    I have the same pooch, and the same problem. The c-section scars and all lol. Once I get down to my goal weight and reassess my pooch, I will probably see a doc about it. I will admit that is one thing that scares me is all the loose skin.
    1676 days ago
    I agree with the previous comments about seeing a doc. They will have the best options for you. It sounds like you might be a candidate for excess skin removal, though. I think plastic surgery is ok in cases like this, where it gets in the way and makes you feel bad. They're going to have to cut into you no matter what they do, but it'll probably be easier and more comfortable to move around if you don't feel all that stuff rubbing together.

    As I've shrunk, I've noticed the things that hang the lowest are my under arms and my boobs. The boobs will never go back to where they were without surgery, but I'm ok with that. The underarms will shrink a little more, I hope. We'll see. If they become so loose that they get in the way, I'd consider having some excess skin removal. My pooch does fold over, but it's slowly getting smaller. I think that since things really slowed down for me, the skin has had a bit of a chance to shrink up. It's not super tight and awesome, but it has gotten better over the last few months.

    Articles I've read have suggested waiting a full 2 years after hitting your target weight to consider excess skin removal surgeries, but since you have been through so much with your kiddos, there are probably limits to how much everything will shrink back up.

    You are not alone with all the flabby skin! You have been making awesome progress, though, so I hope that your dislike of the pooch does not translate into a dislike of self. It's ok to not like the saggy stuff, but don't forget to love yourself!
    1676 days ago
    I've not heard of a pandectomy - I'll have to look that up! I have a pooch too. Flappy overhanging lower belly - I even measure it separately from my waist! My third son was very huge, and even though I wasn't THAT overweight at the time, he stretched my lower belly so badly that it's like I have a side to side area that was just stretched to the max, and my skin folded over it. I dont' imagine it can be fixed without surgery. Sigh. It sucks. I know it's keeping me a size up in pants, too.
    1676 days ago
    You are so not alone... It's such a lovely thing, really. And that gold bond is good stuff... smells so nice and medicinal. Ooh, and the need for high waisted panties and pants - no more low cut stuff. Good times, yes?? Lol... I'm not sure there's any permanent solution that doesn't involve a pretty major surgery, but yes, that's something to discuss with the doc. But, what do you do? At least the girls can have a strong push-up bra... For me, the spanks just seem to push the skin and fat to other areas and create new rolls in un-natural places... or perhpas I just haven't found the right style...
    1676 days ago
    I would make appointments to see a couple of reputable plastic surgeons (get some names from your GP). I say a couple so you can get multiple opinions and prices.

    Until then, Shea body butter can be your friend. Keeping the skin moisturised properly can help it snap back to its original shape. It is unlikely that it'll snap back entirely, but shea butter is known to help women's skin to better recover from pregnancy. It might help in the mean time (don't worry about expensive creams: just go for a brand you trust that smells ok).

    The best bet is to go into the doctors (including your family doctor) saying, "Here is the problem, what are my options for fixing it?" If you do that, they should all give you a fair number of options based on your financial situation and what needs to be done :)

    Good luck!
    1676 days ago
    I love your post because it let's me know that I am not alone. Getting older is not for wimps. I struggle with the way I think my body should look and the way it actually looks. I had no idea that boobs could stretch so much. LOL. emoticon
    1676 days ago
    This is something only a doctor would be able to advise you on, I think. Good luck!
    1676 days ago
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