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Sailing On!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I did C25K D1W1 last night...hooray! I used my free app. I am pretty happy with it. It did not give me verbal cues like it was supposed to, though. I'll have to play with it a little bit and see if I have something set wrong. It didn't matter that much as I was on the treadmill and could see the counts and changes visually, I did my workout while Biggest Loser was on. So, that helped. I didn't have any trouble doing the running intervals. I didn't run real fast. I did my warmup at 2.5...then did most of my runs at 3.7 to 4.0 and my walking at 3.0. Next session, tomorrow, I am going to try to up my speed a little bit. At the end of the workout, it "rewarded" me with a coupon! $5 off a $25 purchase at Kohls. I printed it off and went at lunch today to see if there was anything I wanted to get. They had their iPhone cases on sale! So I got an armband for my iPhone so when I start running outside, I'll be all set. Yay! And I got a pretty pair of earrings that were on sale also. Sweet!

Today as I was journeying along during my day, I realized that this is like sailing along on a boat. When we start SP, we are very wary and cautious and endeavor to sail the smooth, calm, waters, as we are beginning sailors and have to learn our skills. So, we follow all the advice and do all the SP stuff. We know to steer clear of the buffets...keep junk food out of the house...count every calorie...increase our exercise...drink our water. Then, as we become experienced sailors, we are a little more brave and maybe think we can go into more hazardous waters. We can brave the buffet, eye-ball our portions, guesstimate our calories, skip workouts, etc. We might try to push the limits and see how much we can get away with and still lose weight. We're in the choppy waters. We try to keep the boat steady and upright...though it is more difficult. But we're experienced sailors, right? We can handle it. Sometimes we do. But sometimes we don't and our boat overturns and we have to right it again...and get back on track.

So what do we learn from this? It helps me to see that I really just need to stay in the calm waters and keep my boat upright right now during this re-start. I am doing everything I can to NOT tempt fate. I'm counting calories, measuring my portions, getting my sleep, buying more "good" foods for my eating, and getting some exercise in. I'm stacking the cards in my favor. I know how hard it is to right that boat once it turns over. I am weary of righting it over and over again and am really wanting to just make some progress on this run...keep it going.

The other thing I can see from this analogy is that, no matter how good our sailing skills are, sometimes there are tidal waves that are not expected...not under our control...and not due to our poor navigation. And the thing is, when the tidal wave comes, the boat is going to capsize. Of course, we don't just give up and allow it to happen. We would still try to fight it and to keep it upright...just like we don't just give up and overeat when the going gets tough. We do the best we can. If/when we capsize, we just have to right the boat back, head for safe waters, and make as much progress from there as we can. This really helps me. I can see that I can quit beating myself up for "losing it" here and there...and I can quit being in such wonderment about it. It happens....just right the boat...and move on. Just get back in range...track...exercise...sle
ep...and continue to lose weight and get healthier.

We can do this! Sail on my SP friends! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon emoticon
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