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Nesting kicked in!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I had a doctor's appt today, which I was So not looking forward to (those of you who know me know I am not a fan of the doctors - any doctor!) So I was up and walking there bring and early -- and COLD! LOL. They took about 6 vials of blood, so I stopped for something on the way home; then had something a bit more nutritious when I GOT home.
My MIL came over again today, and originally we were just gonna straighten up around the house a bit. Yea, well, apparently my nesting is kicked in cause DANG! I decided I wanted to work on the living room...which ended up meaning taking the tree down (FINALLY - it's been half apart for awhile now) vaccuming, dusting, sorting through knicknacks & books, getting rid of stuff, moving the bookcase - which my MIL did - putting the remaining books back, vaccuming some more, rearranging & dusting both desks (Mine & hubby's). The room looks FABULOUS! I'm so happy with it; and for once, I'm tired cause I got stuff DONE, not just cause of baby. I'm tired, but it's the tired of doing stuff, and not the bone-weary I've had lately with baby.

Feels good :) So now I'm resting, having an apple and catching up on Spark till hubby gets home. He gets off in about a half hour. Our crib came! I'm hoping we can put it together tonight, tho I don't know how much help I'll be; depends if I get another energy spurt and if there are bits I can handle; I'm expecting alot of this to be too much for me all things considered. But I'm antsy to get it up! :D

My inlaws have also ordered the dressers for us too! Originally we were just going to use one of ours for the baby, but they got them a set for us, which I can't wait to get! :) Yea! :) So exciting! The nursery will be done soon!!!
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