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Had a little detour last week to Pleasure Island...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last week I detoured big time. It started with my Birthday and dinner at Anteprima, an Italian restaurant. I had planned for it and knew I was going to be a little bad but a set a few limits, no take homes and only 2 glasses of alcohol. Dinner was really good with the best celery root soup I've ever had, so good and speckled with cannelini beans. My friend was our waiter and since I just couldn't decide between the Bucatini with red pepper, Arugula and Pecorino or the Swiss chard and ricotta filled ravioli in a brown butter sauce, I was able to get half and half for my entree. They were both sooo good!

Then Valentines Day came, we hadn't really planned on anything too special since we blew a good amount of cash the day before. Jay had an idea of making chocolate fondue and homemade whip cream to dip our strawberries. He was so dang cute and excited to make it for me, I couldn't say no.

Then on Saturday we went out for my bday with my friends. We started with some Indian food at Uru Swati on Devon, who had some really good samosa's and their Navratan Korma was super good. Then we headed for drinks and some old fashioned pool hall fun at this billiards place on Clark. They made a cocktail their called the Uptown, not exactly sure what was in it but it had Malbec floated on top. My friend Colleen kept them coming and I kept drinking them. We closed the place down and ended up at Carol's Country bar, I've actually never been. It's somewhat of a Chicago institution and it's a dive but it's got its charm. After many PBR's we closed that bar and somehow we ended up at a diner at 5am and I was scarfing down a grilled cheese and curly fries. Yes that's exactly what you call gluttony. I had a ton of fun and it made me feel like a 24 year old instead of a 36 year old. The next day I was feeling it.

So today (Monday) I'm back on track for sure. Definitely got sidetracked but back to tracking food and counting cals. Today I worked out with one of the DVD's Jay bought me for my Birthday.

I found this website called ballet beautiful. Mary Helen Bowers who trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan created this fitness series. You can get online classes as well as online private training, I'm dying to try both. But before I shell out hard earned cash for the web series i wanted to try one of her DVD's.

Ballet Beautiful- Body Blast Series
60 minutes running length
4- 15 minute segments: Swan Arms, Body Blast, Butt Series Parts 1 & 2.

What I did 15 minute Swan Arms and 15 minute Body Blast.

Swan Arms- Thsi workout was inspired by (you guessed it) Swan Lake. Holy Freaking Cow! Talk about Pain! 15 minutes of flapping your arms like a swan like different ways. My husband did this with me, hehe. He's pretty fit and he had to stop a few times because oh the burning! Seriously, my arms were on fire. Who knew simple actions like flapping your arms would be such a workout?

Body Blast - This one really worked out your core and legs. I could many of the exercises but some I just kind of modified and still tried to work the same muscle group.

Here's a pic of my favorite exercise from the Body Blast. You sit up and twist side to side, i really felt like it would whittle my waist and worked my core muscles as well. I've got a super weak core, so it's amazing that i like an exercise that kinda hurt and felt like it was working it.

All in all a pretty challenging but easy enough to get through, it does cause some muscle burning which i hated at the time but afterwards even though my arms and legs felt like jelly, I felt like i did some really great toning and strengthening exercises.

Being back on track feels good!
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    Sometimes I think that getting to the feeling of "getting back on track feels good!" is such an NSV in and of itself. emoticon
    1794 days ago
  • MEDUSA1977
    Carol's is a dive for sure! We were kinda surprised that they were still charging a cover at 2 am! I don't know how much I'd hang out there but I guess occasionally when you want to stay out til 5am, it does the tricks. Yeah I've always been a night owl, but after a night like that was I hungover all day Sunday. Was supposed to get back on track on Sunday BUT there was no way I was exercising with that headache.
    1796 days ago
    Carol's! I've never been in... but my husband always used to joke about going there.

    Your celebrations sound great. a bit off track- but if it doesn't happen often and you are able to get back on track quickly, then I think it is perfectly fine. and KUDOS to you for being able to hang until 5am! i'm 32 and i'm pretty sure I'd have been killed over sometime before 2am. I just can't do it like I used to.
    1796 days ago
    Bahaha! Carol's... I still have never been but my husband assures me that it's just like any other bar in Ohio (weare both from there) so I have been reluctant to go. It's so close to where I live, I can't believe I haven't tried it out. Maybe when it warms up I will put on my big girl pants and check it out!
    1797 days ago
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