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To remind myself how far I've come.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some weeks cause a little backslide and I've been feeling tired and hungry lately, so I'm going to remind myself how far I've come and how little I backslide when it happens.

These pictures are all the proof I should need! In the beginning I was big, over 200 pounds big, an average big that many people top out at. Everyone's big is different, but this was mine.

Today I am up 2 pounds from the lowest I've hit so far a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still down over 50 pounds from the beginning! That's still a loss! I'm still over 50 pounds lost, so that is still a big achievement!

But the scale is not the only thing that says I'm skinnier. The pair of jeans I've been wearing for the last 6 months are finally starting to get loose. I've had to pull them up several times now. It's still not enough for the next size down yet, but they're getting there.

I've had to get more new shirts because I just didn't have enough large shirts in my wardrobe. I had discovered xl's and even a couple xxl's in my closet still when I went to clean it out last week. Those x's are all gone now.

I miss the days that I can walk around the park. It's hard on single digit days to do even one lap around. Days where there's no wind and double digit weather, I'll still hit the trail. I love the park! Ask me that a little over a year ago and it may have been a different story.

I can have my cookies without eating the whole box. I'm satisfied with a serving size or two. I don't have to eat the whole box anymore before I'm satisfied. A year ago it would not have been the same answer.

I love veggies! Although I've always liked them, I love them now. Fortunately I was given the chance to have them as a kid, but as I age, I find new ways to enjoy them and miss them on days I don't have them.

Fruit is my friend. I'll have a piece as a snack, I'll have them with lunch, most days they're part of my breakfast.

I like fish! That would not have been a favorite 10 years ago. Trying out new recipes, I have found several ways I enjoy fish. It doesn't matter if it's tuna, salmon, or any white fish, I like them all. I've even had fish tacos and enjoyed them. Mock crab is a great way to have a lunch too!

I no longer mindlessly eat at night. I may do up some air-popped popcorn if I really need something late, but at 20 calories a cup, that's a better option. It's even better with the white kernel popcorn, that's a sweeter variety and I can have it plain, so no added calories with the butter I'd normally have.

So, even though I've been feeling a little blue lately, that doesn't mean I'm in a bad place. I've come a long way and will never stop what I'm doing because it has brought me so far in this last year.
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