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Workout Issues

Monday, February 18, 2013

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Hmm, what is today's discussion about? Ummm, consistent workouts or how to get back on when you fall off. Nope, I don't have the answers, sorry! Trust me, if I did have the answers, I wouldn't feel compelled to write this blog today.

No, today, I'm on a search to try to find the answers. I've steadily weighed in the past four weeks at the same weight with doing little to no exercise during the week. This seems to be a pretty consistent pattern for me. Lots of calories burned and effort put in or lots of time spent working out = weight loss. Little to no effort or time spent working out = steady weight. Yes, there is probably some work that can be done in the eating department, but I can also see a direct coalition between my workouts and the scale.

So why do I have issues with having consistent workouts or increasing the effort I put in? I think there are a few factors, not just one, and how to work around them is also a challenge and something I'm constantly working on.

Well, for one, I'm lazy. Yep, I'd rather sit at home and play computer games or watch TV than get off my butt to go for a walk or go to the gym. I don't seem to be able to kick myself into motivation to go. I have no real reward system in place (everything from races to new clothes involves money, which can be unpredictable when its just me earning money) so nothing to work towards outside the scale (which can be a downer at times). Yeah, I know all the healthy benefits that come with working out, but it is a long journey to those and can derail motivation based on the amount of time it takes.

What about a workout partner? Well, unfortunately, I know of no one close outside of my hubby. He has issues of his own in being a good candidate including laziness of his own (yep, its a household thing). Also, he has gone with me on occasion, but he doesn't care about doing the ST or classes or various machines. He goes and hops on a bike and pedals for 30 min and then is done. Which means I'm still doing things on my own and am restricted to the amount of time I spend at the gym with him. Yeah, we do go biking on the trail together, but we're not up to good weather to be able to do that every weekend.

I've tried different things from scheduling my workouts on a calendar to having my clothes packed to go the gym right after work, and they seem to work for about a month or so. And then I have pain with TOM that makes every-day activity painful for a few days, or a meeting after school, or some kind of sickness, or a day off of school which changes routine - something causes my schedule to change and once I get derailed, I seem to struggle with getting back on track.

emoticon Your time to offer feedback/suggestions. I have random thoughts boiling in my head, but I want to hear from you. What works for you to get your workouts in and to be consistent? Do you have a buddy you work with, or a reward system? Do you have a schedule you keep (order of events) to ensure you get your workouts in? What happen if something throws you off track? How do you get back on? Also, how do you know when its time to up the ante and put more effort in? When do you increase your weight or resistance? Do you have a method to tell?

I can spout off the advice from the articles to anyone, but trying to apply it to my own life is alot harder. So, please give me feedback on how you apply the advice you hear to yours? How do you make it work?
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GIELLIOT 3/3/2013 11:38PM

    Hi! You ask such a great question, and no one's responded yet. : ( So I thought I'd jump in.

I have many of the same issues! Laziness and low motivation are the same for me. Blech! I just don't care that much. I don't have a reward system in place, either--material things don't motivate me.

SO... I rely heavily on outside accountability and motivation. Being on teams that demand my participation helps a lot. In fact, without them, I don't keep it up. I don't track, I don't exercise...then yep, steady weight. When I do track and watch and exercise (oh, and get enough sleep...that's enough to derail me for days!), then the lbs slide off. But teams act as my buddy system, I guess.

I know you are on teams, though, so perhaps it's not working that way for you. Ach, this didn't end up being very helpful! Know, though, that you aren't alone in your motivation problem! I wish I had a better solution myself. : )

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