Anniv. Weekend, venting, exercising, and new shoes! (PICS)

Monday, February 18, 2013

I signed up for a site called Tribesports not too long ago because my mom introduced me to it (who knew? She also introduced me to this site!) I decided to get back on it last night and now I'm doing a couple challenges. One is a 30 second plank (which I can kind of do but want to be able to do a good 30 second plank.) The other is 100 crunches a day for 2 weeks. I am determined to make it happen so it at least keeps me accountable. Hopefully after those are done I'll be able to move up to 1 minute planks and maybe 200 crunches a day. Something like that anyways. The other day I even exercised in front of my husband even though I am usually very self conscious about my body. I'm learning to be comfortable exercising no matter who is watching.. Slowly but surely!

Today I'm feeling pretty frustrated. I got a message from Jeremy saying that Levi can't eat breakfast at school for the next couple days because he was running away from someone who was trying to hurt him. How is that fair? While I get that they don't want him to run in the school, I think it is unfair for them to punish him for running away from someone that is going to tackle him. When I asked him about it he said that one of the kids in his class told another kid to tackle him.. so he was running away from them. So is he just supposed to stand there and let them tackle him? I don't feel like Levi was in the wrong on this one. No discipline from me.. I just asked him to try not to run in the school. There are many more issues that we've had with the school since day one. I asked Levi if he liked the school and if he wanted to stay. He said he loves his teacher and that she is really nice and that he loves his friends. I don't know how I feel about it but I'll try to leave it be since he is happy.

Got my new shoes this weekend too. Kind of feel like it is a sort of reward for working this hard to lose weight. Then once taxes come back I need to buy myself some new clothes that fit. I can only use borrowed clothes for so long.. and even some of them are getting too big.
Here's my new shoes.

My weekend was pretty amazing. Didn't go bowling but we did go swimming, sat in the hot tub, went out to eat yummy foods, and got some walking in shopping. I got to play cards and dice with my husband and it was just overall a good weekend.
Before I was done getting ready.. Just wanted my mom to take a picture of us

After I was fully ready to go out
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  • JIBBIE49
    Let Levi at his school as whatever school he'd be in, he'd still have issues with kids. I sent my children to private schools and paid a lot of money, because the teaching was top rate, but we found "jerks" at every school.
    1695 days ago
  • SCRAP317
    Very nice! The shoes, the pictures of you, the approach with your son - good job all around! I am a teacher and try to be very fair when those situations come up - sounds like the adult in charge should have talked to all parties and then reminded all of them of the rules of school. Why even contact the parent unless this is an every day problem? And if it is it seems to me the children doing the tackling are the ones who should be disciplined. So anyway - good job mom - no kid should ever get in trouble for defending themselves or avoiding trouble!
    1698 days ago
    nice shoes!
    1701 days ago
    First off you - You look fabulous!!! emoticon emoticon

    Your mom has good taste in websites, I'm so glad that it is pushing you, you are already doing AMAZING and that is only helping you push even more, well done. I also think it's huge you exercised in front of your husband. When I lived at home I would be self conscious about my brother or dad (not so much my mom lol) seeing me exercise. The funniest part was they didn't care at all, but it was just something I didn't like. Now I am getting better about it, and even just walking the dog outside where people could see was a weird thing for me but now I am like oh well, no one cares about me. :)

    I am sorry to hear about your son, he was running away from someone who was going to hurt him and does not deserve to be punished like that. Eek.

    I love the shoes and I am so glad you and your husband had a great weekend, you deserve it! emoticon emoticon
    1702 days ago
    You are looking so good!! So excited about your progress!
    As far as school goes, I understand! Something that I've done in similar situations, is have a sit down meeting with my son and his teacher. It helps with communications and reminds everyone involved that the whole purpose is the student's education. (In several cases, it has also helped my son realize that the teacher and I on are the same team--similar to when Mom and Dad sit down and show they are all on the same team.) It's way easier when the teacher is nice! :)
    emoticon emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Sounds like you've have an eventful weekend!
    1703 days ago
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