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Valentines Day, More bike rides!! &, chicken stock question for you!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi all!
Well, gosh. Valentines happened!! And I must say, I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Thursday morning when I went to go get on my bike there was a rose with a paper wrapped around it, held in place by a ring . At first I had this "drrr, what??" brain stump moment. I had known we had plans to meet up to eat outside somewhere, but I had NO idea he'd do something like that for me. The ring is one that I had seen when walking by a stand a couple weeks ago, and I didn't even stop to try it on! The page wrapping the rose was a lymeric poem he wrote. It was sweet and silly, and described in rhyme form where and when to meet him. :)
What made me EXTRA excited about this is that I had made him a valentine card by hand a couple days before, and I wasn't sure if it would be overly cheesy or not. The lovely thing about him is that I knew, even if he thought it was cheesy, he would like it that I did it.
But then, I got a POEM, so I knew we were freakin' tied, lol.

We met at the park where he had said, and he had a bag of picnic goodies. Lots of things I would have picked out myself, including my favorite kind of lunchmeat from a specific grocery. Awww. I gave him the card and some chocolates I got for him, and he was really touched. He said, awww, we did the same amount of effort for each other!!


Afterward we just hung out and were sweet to each other at my house. It was lovely.


Friday night we went to see a bunch of bands covering famous British bands. That was really fun!

Saturday we rode our bikes to the movies (~2.5 miles each way)and saw a documentary I wanted to see called "56 Up". Afterward we picked up the groceries to make roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and roasted veggies, but by the time we got home I realized it was way too late to start such a thing, and a pretty healthy pasta was whipped up instead.

L and I were both impressed that I opted to ride on Speedway instead of the bumpy but quiet side streets. It went really well!

Sunday we did our real planned bike adventure: ride our bikes on Broadway 8 miles to go to the big shoe store in search of running shoes for both of us.
Let me tell ya, it was a work out!!!!

Again, we were both really impressed that I was brave enough to attempt it, and L said I kept a really good pace. He helps me feel brave and he also lets me set the pace, and he tolerates my need to be cautious.


Finally, we did our cooking adventure! We made "drunk chicken", which is where you stick a beer in the rear of a whole chicken and bake it. It turned out really well, even though it tipped over half way through, haha. It was really nice to cook with him, and we definitely had to collaborate to figure our way through making all these things.

So, NOW i have this chicken carcass. I have never previously dared making a whole chicken, and now I'd like to make a stock from the remains!
Here's my question:
I want to make this in the crock pot. How much do I need to pick the bones clean? I'd like to try to get all the yummy meat off, and then just kind of chuck the rest in there, along with water, an onion, garrots, celery, a bay leaf or two, some pepper, maybe some apple cider vinegar (read someone suggested that), some dried herbs.
At the end I will use a be running it through a fine collander to get the bits out, and probably skimming it once it has chilled as well.

The things I have read seem quiet vague. They just say "the chicken carcass" or "the bones".

Any suggestions you can offer me? Help, I was raised by vegetarians!! Hehe.

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    Julee_D gave very good advice. Personally, when I make chicken stock, I clean off what I can meat wise and chuck EVERTYHING else (skin, bones, cartilage, all of it) with some old veg and inedible bits in with it in a crock pot FILLED with water and cook for DAYS, like Julee, and then strain through a fine mesh strainer.

    I don't add any salt or pepper-- because those seasonings are easy to add after the fact.

    I don't skim anything off the top (fat wise). I pour the strained stock in ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen, the fat just rises to the top and can easily be removed that way, and I store in baggies in the freezer. Having in cube form is nice because it's easy to partition for recipes, etc.

    I'm so glad that you had such a lovely, active valentines. It sounds like a wonderful time and it sounds like your sig is a great match to you!
    1829 days ago
    Wow! He sounds great! It is really awesome when you find someone who actually pays attention to you and what you like. I'm glad you found him :)

    No idea about the chicken thing, sorry
    1829 days ago
  • _JULEE_
    Leave the skin and any meat bits right on the bones. Break the bones you're able to break easily. Add any vegetable bits - the end pieces of any onions, peppers tomatoes, etc. NOT the whole veggie, but the inedible parts - IF you have them.

    Add a good amount of water - if your crock is a 5-6 quart crock, get a gallon of water in there. You can always reduce it later, if it's too thin, but if you let it cook for 2-3 days, you'll more than likely have to add a little water and not have to worry about reducing.

    After you've let it cook for 3 days on low - med (not high), STRAIN through a sieve lined with fine cheese cloth or a coffee filter. Let cool, then freeze in bags or containers. I usually do a few 1 cup bags for recipes, then I freeze the rest in 2 cup containers. Martha Stewart uses a big muffin tin to freeze her stocks into big cubes, but I don't usually have the time to go that far and my muffin tin wells aren't exactly 1 cup.

    HTH! emoticon
    1829 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/18/2013 10:09:37 PM
    I only tried to make a soup with the carcass once - and it was turkey (after Thanksgiving). I figured the more bits of meat stuck to the bones, the yummier it would be, so I just threw it all in there, along with all the leftover veggies and some spices. It was wonderful, but a bit odd to have bits of bone floating in my soup when I went to eat it!
    1829 days ago
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