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Monday, February 18, 2013

Chicken noodle soup:
1 1/2c homemade sliders(or one 12 oz bag of Reames frozen noodles)
6c chicken broth
1c diced onions
1c diced carrots
1c diced celery
1 bay leaf
1t pepper
1t parsley
1/4t thyme
6 oz bite-size cooked chicken breast meat
1 t garlic,powdered or fresh
cornstarch if thicker broth is desired.

Cook chicken in nonstick pan until no pink interior,set aside. In Dutch oven or same sized pot, cook noodles for 20 minutes , drain. Add chicken stock, all veggies, chicken to pot with drained noodles. (I added more stock to taste. I love the broth!)
Simmer 10 minutes. Thicken if desired, for very thinly treated broth. I used about 2 T corn starch and water to make my roux,, bring broth to gentle boil, slowly add roux. You can thicken it to your taste or leave it un-thickened.
Makes about 1/2-3/4 Dutch oven soup. Yes, it can be frozen!! this is just my made up recipe,, no stats for fats or whatever, and I am too lazy to do the math!! I'm a cook, not a math genius!! I ate it with a few unsalted soda crackers.

As long as I am on a roll, I will tell you what I do with jello and fruit..
Pineapple rings:
Open a can of pineapple slices(rings), drain completely, do not remove from can!!!
Flip it over in a colander until no juice is present, reserve juice for drinking or cooking.
Prepare any flavor regular or sugar free gelatin you choose(I like either raspberry or peach) with 1/4c less water , pour into can, allowing slices to float around, letting the gelatin to surround the rings. Place can in refrigerator until gelatin firms up, same as regular gelatin.
When firm, put can in bowl with warmer water until it will come away from sides of can. (Nowadays you cannot open both ends of the can usually) Flip can in shallow dish, lying on its' side. Slice rings and place on each person's plate or arrange in a salad or whatever you wish!

Another jello/fruit combo:
Extremely easy and very pretty!
Cut honey rock or cantaloupe open, remove seeds and strings. flip over and cut curve of rind off, making the shell level to stand up.
Make your favorite flavor gelatin with 1/4c less water than directions. pour gelatin into hollow of melon that has been placed on a cookie sheet or in level bowls and place in refrigerator until gelatin firms up. Now the pretty part: simply use long sharp knife and SLICE MELON into desired serving sizes!! You can leave it in the half size and add ice cream or whatever you wish on top!
These are so nice in summer when it is hot, very low cal, refreshing and EASY...

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