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Monday, February 18, 2013

First, I want to apologize to any readers of my earlier post with a similar title. I was both unclear and woefully incomplete.

Mea Culpa. Mea obscura. Mea afinituda.

Second, mea fixa.


Many important posts/comments by me or anybody else will necessarily contain a lot of (or exclusively) social protocol, personal history, or other personal information. This is required to make person-to-person contact, to establish rapport, and credibility, and many other things that are too subtle for my limited social intelligence to articulate.

I was speaking of posts and comments whose sole and only purpose was to gain points. Let me give one example, this time. On at several forums/topics they count down numbers, or merely post their points. The count down is completely worthless, IMCUHO. The points posting is already handled by the SP software, and the omission of intelligence about the points by the posters averts a step of actually making contact with the other members.

I also was NOT denigrating the points system per se. It is the point system that got me to: publicly post blog articles, and comment on others blogs. I've learned a lot from each.


In any event, I've concluded that some of the things that I've been doing are not worth the effort towards my goals. So, for example, I will stop listening to SparkRadio, because all I get out of that is that the Radio jockettes have great voices, but I still will participate, from time to time in the oldies (music) fora. I also like the quizzes and trivia features because they actually cause me to think about things related to nutrition, fitness, and health, that I wouldn't otherwise think about. I also will still read articles, others blogs and comment. Etcetera.

BTW, I think that Coach Nicole and Chef Meg's videos and articles are great resources, And, I'm sure there are other things at SP, that I'm failing to recommend, here, as well.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOPPY_
    Debby From Mt,

    Your raspberry made my day.


    1829 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Do what you want. There is no one size fits all! emoticon
    1829 days ago
    Personally...whatever works for each person is right for that person.
    1829 days ago
    emoticon find the nutrition tracker one of the most valuable Spark features. It really is a great site. and it is GRATIS
    1829 days ago
    Okay, I'm on meds from a medical procedure, but your "mea culpa.........mea fixa" had me laughing hysterically!!!!! Too funny!!!!!!
    1829 days ago
  • POPSY190
    I don't mind the points, but I use them for my own motivation and don't post them. If I use the trackers I don't "need" them and never make posts just to get more. I've seen it suggested on the leaders team that perhaps the posts re daily points from the wheels could become something on your friend feed you choose to see or not. One day SP techs might give us that option. emoticon
    One of the strengths of the site is that it caters for all types of people and varying interests. You do have to be selective about what you decide to do or not, if for no other reason than no one could possibly look at or do all that is on offer. There aren't enough hours in the day, and they shouldn't be spent in front of a computer.
    It might be worth adjusting the settings for what you see in your friend feed; there might be options for you to cut out some of the posts.
    Good luck with it all. emoticon
    1829 days ago
    What BigPawsUp said! (and I already have my points for answering blogs today, I did not need this one emoticon )
    1830 days ago
  • -BENI-
    It's funny you wrote about this, I was just thinking about the points just recently.
    Here is my novel, it is not meant to be rude or judgmental....

    When I joined SP I didn't pay attention to points. Had never turned the wheel because I never scrolled down that far on my screen. Then I would get mail from people saying you can do this and that to get your points up. I asked why, what do they do? They said you can give out goodies with them.

    I thought about it. My first thought was yah, so?
    But then I thought some more and realized there are those that when someone dies, likes the idea of a "friend" sending a flower goodie that says I care, or someone sending balloons to say Happy Birthday, or sneakers on an accomplishment of exercising; a big deal for someone such as myself who has a hard time starting to exercise. I guess it's a motivation. Basically someone saying I give a S*** when maybe there is no one in their lives that does.

    Sometimes, many times, for those that are extremely overweight you shut yourself off from the outside world. You don't want the looks or comments from cruel people. Your on-line "friends" especially in SP understand your world and it's safe, they don't see you therefore cannot judge you.

    Some suffer from depression, low self-esteem, are lonely, lazy and some suffer from agoraphobia. It doesn't matter it's their world, not for ours to judge. But to be a "friend" to brighten a day and yes to have ridiculous points to give a silly goodie can mean a lot to someone.

    I write blogs for those reasons. I'm a people person. I like people - I am the one that sent you the invitation to the Sarcastic Unlimited team. I am also happy, goofy, good-natured and always see the good side of life, I am that kind of person in life and on-line. Not-to-mention, I'm an artsy person and this let's me voice my feelings through silly blogs that just happen to help some, if not to bring a smile to an otherwise miserable face. In turn it helps me to know I matter in some way.

    For a while I was reading all kinds of articles, playing trivia and quizzes. Yes, much of what I already know. But many were reminders of helpful bits of information I had forgotten. I don't read blogs just to get points, I don't consider myself that rude. Many times I read them because a "friend" has something to say, to ask or I will see a funny title that draws my attention.

    Yes, I am here for it to be a positive affect on me but then again, my life, my world, isn't just about me. Perhaps in helping others I guess I'm helping myself too.

    My question is: Why join SP then? They are here to help, to motivate and to make it a little bit of fun. It is all about those things - Articles, quizzes, trivia, recipes, blogs, and conversing with others, all things to get someone motivated. Why fill out goals and tracking so that trophies can be given and streaks shown on a page? Why tell about ourselves and our accomplishments - even those without the use of SP.
    Yes, part of all this includes receiving silly points that are meant to be used for a good thing such as a welcome, a get well or even an I'm sorry.

    I don't go crazy earning points senselessly, but I will continue to rack them up so I can give out goodies to say welcome to SP, welcome to a team, or thank you for brightening a lousy day. After all many of these people have become friends and isn't all about me.

    1830 days ago
    I get your intended meaning. I usually won't post my spark points (although Spark does it automatically when you reach certain levels). I also usually don't comment or "like" it. Doesn't mean I dislike it, I just think the spin of a wheel is pretty random. That being said, as time goes on, I've come to appreciate the boost I get when I've accrued enough points in a day to spin for a bonus. Usually I only get that bonus if I've logged all my food, exercise and water and posted on my BL Challenge team. Oh well, it takes all kinds of us folks and Spark appeals to many of those different kinds. Please stay active and keep blogging. I think your left-brained approach is refreshing.
    1830 days ago
    The way I see it "to each his own" !! I like to go to my teams, and answer their questions or blog there. So many people sign up for a team, then you never see them post any encouragement to their team members.
    I also love the trivia, and helpful articles, whether there are points or not

    1830 days ago
    Oh, I think you're articulate.
    I often wonder how sitting in front of a computer for an hour, trying to find ways to log more points is helping me lose weight. I should be spending it doing a workout video.
    And how about just using an emoticon to "comment" on a blog? Not much effort there either.
    1830 days ago

    Just read your previous blog. I find nothing wrong with the fact some people like to collect sparkpoints each day. It doesn't take a whole whack of time out of ones day and it does give the people that use this part of sparkspeople a sense of accomplishment ,so be it. The SparkPoints tracker is used for tracking your nutrition, exercise, reading useful articles and keeping our minds informed with great trivia questions and explainations. Going on teams and showing others your accomplishments by how many total points one has earned, keeping track of how many points you have to your next trophy is a way for some to have fun and encourage each other on. Each individual has there own reasons for what they pick and choose to do on SparkPeople. You choose what you choose to do and we do not question your motives for doing so. Congratulations on your 4,451 sparkpoints to date. WOO HOO WAY TO GO. Congratulations too on all your trophies WELL DONE! Thanks for sharing your concerns and opinions.
    1830 days ago
    I think you're just fine. Do what works for you!
    1830 days ago
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