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Great start to the week

Monday, February 18, 2013

I am pretty excited to start a new week. First of all since Valentines day's 8 white chocolate covered strawberries (that I vowed I would eat one a day and finished them all off same day!) and lunch with hubby at Mexican restaurant i have been eating too many calories. So Monday is the beginning of a new week and an opportunity to start over. I have been exercising consistently 5 days a week for going into my 3rd week now. Very proud of this accomplishment alone. I feel less tired have more energy and able to run up the stairs to do my laundry and no longer need my afternoon nap unless I have done body pump that day and I am tired. So its monday and I am at the gym ready for body pump. I decide to weigh myself and feel disappointed that the scale has not moved. I warm up on the elliptical 10 minutes. My teenager comes over and finds me and tells me that he did not recognize me because I was so small. He said he had to walk around the gym twice because he did not recognize me. This TOTALLY made my day after getting on the scale and not seeing it move. This proved that the number on the scale is not god. MY body is changing and if my son can see it this is awesome. (Could this be why I have not bought a scale yet). Anyway I am happy. I will continue working out 5 days I do body pump 2x a week, 90 minute zumba 2x week, spin class and a cardio intense interval. I am sure the results will come if I remain diligent. Also I learned I need to carry good snacks and eat at home as much as possible so I can control my calories. Another good note I made red velvet for my family Sunday and after eating a piece with cream cheese frosting I felt terrible so next time I won't even bother to eat any. Also I have 3 teenagers so they have no problem eating up the rest of the cake. I am proud of myself that I am no longer beating myself up mentally but just getting back on the horse an d continuing to ride until I get to my personal best finish line.
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