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Challenge No. 1 - Wave Runners - Springing into Action

Monday, February 18, 2013

As part of the first challenge, we were asked to introduce ourselves and share some information with our teammates - something that I am terrible at, but will strive to do a decent job of! I have always struggled with "sharing" (which is totally related to weight and self confidence issues), but I am trying to get over that - and the realization that sharing doesn't have to equal "tooting your own horn," but I think that might be a good thing!

One of my main goals besides losing the weight and feeling healthier is to gain confidence and be proud of how far I have come, which includes a little horn tooting ;-)

I must admit, this has been the hardest bout of weight loss for me. I am an expert at taking it off but keeping it off is another story - so my main focus is to find strategies to incorporate ways to make my new habits into a lifestyle, not a diet that has an end to it.

I am very close to reaching new weight loss territory (15 lbs) so I think once I reach that goal, I won't feel like I am just trying to play catch-up... I lost 100lbs in 2011 and re-gained 20, so I feel like I am not making any real progress at this point, which I know is not true, but I want to see some new numbers on that scale! emoticon

Part of my journey is to spend more time with friends and family - when I am down and out I tend to turn into a recluse which just makes pulling yourself out of a funk even harder. I am working on building meaningful relationships with the people who love and support me the most by making a conscious effort to spend time with/reconnect with them and share how I am feeling even if I am having a bad week (and would rather hide out alone!) emoticon

I have a lofty goal of reaching 225lbs by the end of the challenge, but even if I end up close to that number I will be re-energized and motivated to keep going!

For the bonus points in this challenge, we were asked to calculate our body fat percentage - yikes! So, this morning I re-set my scale with this function activated and got on... 37.9%. Not great, but I am actually quite content with this number for now - it was much higher during 2011 when I originally lost the hundred, so we will see where we end up! emoticon

Taking body measurements is also new to me, and I think this will help to keep me motivated when the scale is not reflecting all of my efforts, so I look forward to have alternate measures of success!

Here's to a successful and fun-filled journey to healthier, happier gals! emoticon

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