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Monday, February 18, 2013


2x week yoga: NO
1x week "other" exercise: YES (walking)
1x week Deck: YES (32 cards in 30 minutes)

I missed a yoga this week but I'm ok with it. I annoyed some hip/back muscles this week, I think during Monday's yoga. It wasn't that I hurt myself, I just really woke up some muscles along my hips and across my back (those muscles that kind of run right where your belt/waisband goes) and it hurt like a mofo. Bad enough that I rubbed icy hot over the area and was popping ibuprofen mid-week. I was even worried I'd have to modify my Deck exercise this week but I'm happy to report I didn't have to modify at all except to take it a little bit slower (I stopped at 29 minutes and 30 seconds--I was going to try and do one last card but I pulled 6 walk out pushups and I knew there was no way I'd get the card done in the time I had left, so I chose to stop early). I was fully expecting to have a sub-par Deck experience due to the continued stiffness, but I managed 32 cards which is my average. I was expecting the walk out pushups to really need modifying but I didn't modify them a bit (and only had one moment when I put a knee down--when that happens I pause for two breaths then complete the move I was doing when I put the knee down and keep on keeping on).

So exercise was less this week but I'm ok with it. Yes, I probably could have gotten that last yoga in but I'm standing by my choice to rest the whiney muscles a bit. So there!


Tracking: not as good as last week. Oh, I'd start out with good intentions but then I fell into the "well, I messed up so I'll just have this one additional thing since I already ruined the day" thinking. That type of thinking is DEADLY and is what's really holding me back.

SO. . .I got back to my journaling (my private handwritten journal where there are no holds barred and I can really examine private stuff) and after a particularly good entry I came up with something new I've already started trying.

A Mantra. I needed to set a definitive weight loss goal. Not necessarily a "lose X pounds this month" or anything like that, but something a bit more defined than just "have a net loss for the month". So since I'm going on vacation in May, I decided I want to be in the 160 weight range by then. It seems very doable (my last offical weigh in I was 178--so losing 9 lbs in two months isn't too large a goal--if I just get my lazy eating habits in check I can do it).

So now when I'm faced with those moments where I'm staring down the prospect of mindless eating, I consult my mantra. "160s by May" Is it worth willfully going over my ranges and undermining my goal? What do I want more? To meet my goal or to have that momentary indulgence?

The Mantra did help a bit on grocery day. I wanted to grab up a nice slice of vegan chocolate cake at the Food Co-Op but I turned it down (and that was one of those treats I always felt was "justified" since I don't go to the Co-Op every shopping trip--you know how you find those little loopholes to convince yourself you can indulge even though you know it's just undermining you). I reminded myself of my new goal and didn't pick up any extra snacks while shopping. I bought only the one box of granola bars I always buy. AND, I even whipped up a plan to get an additional veggie into my week day eating.

(just to keep it honest, though, I gave the mantra the finger when I got the munchies come sunday evening when I fell into another of my eating traps and finished off a bag of m&ms under the reasoning of "well, if I just finish them now then I won't have them around for tomorrow"--that's another of my favorites rationalizations for lazy behavior).

F/V: 10 per work day: good. It's realtively easy to meet that goal so that's why I upped the veggie side by adding a salad during the day. 5 per weekend day: GOOD. I got 6 on Sat and Sun. See, I know I can do it I just don't sometimes, which is so lazy and dumb.

No exra food on work days: failed. But I see what my issue is. Plain old hunger. I'm hoping the new addition of a salad (complete with beans and an egg) will give me more protein during the day (along with one more veggie serving) and help keep hunger at bay so I won't go wandering about looking for week day work snacks.


Saturday: tidied the already cleaned rooms. I broomed up the floors and picked up a few things that needed picked up.

Sunday: cleaned the bathroom and fluffed the cat box. Did a bit of laundry.

I'm also doing well on tending to the mail every day instead of just lazily tossing it on the end of the table and then letting it turn into a big ole mess.

No t.v. before 8 p.m. is still hit or miss. But like I mentioned last week, t.v. is not sucking away my free time (I'm capable of getting up and ignoring it after watching for only a few minutes) so I'm not overly worried that it's undermining my goals.

Crafty clean up: I'm actively working to keep my crafting areas neat. So I tidy up after each project is complete and return items back to the craft room. I do need to organize the craft room more, but the grumpy muscle issues this week didn't have me super eager to walk up an extra flight of stairs to sit in an unheated room, so I'll address the crafty organizing this week now that my muscles are more normal (and when it might not be so cold--the temps are supposed to go up a bit this week so it will be more inviting in the room).


Finished another swap item. I was even able to adjust my mailing schedule so I can show it off in person to my sister when she comes to visit this weekend (we're doing some party shopping for her Kentucky Derby Party at the beginning of May--yet another reason I'm making May a big goal month).

Painting was good this week. Except for my muscle issues. Sitting on a stool didn't agree with my crabby back/hip muscles but I just got up and walked/stretched it out a bit and it was ok. I made good progress on one of my portraits and even got a chance to do some work on the second (I'm doing two small portraits this time around--8x8 canvases so I'm technically doing two paintings simultaneously).


Greatful journal: doing well. Still doing catchup on weekends (catching up monday morning) but that works for me so I'm not questioning it.


Grade for the week: C. Yes, I dropped it down because I'm still being so stubborn on the tracking front and I did miss an exercise. Yes, I had muscle issues but I could have done some super gentle yoga for a few minutes over those few days but I didn't. I didn't try hard enough to find other ways to exercise, I simply let the muscles win (I could have taken a walk on the weekend, since walking wasn't too hard an activity even with the muscle crabbiness). And I'm still floundering on the tracking and it's time to stop grading on a curve for that. But am doing very well on my chores, so I feel the C is a strong C but it's only going to get weaker if I don't work harder to reach the goals I've set.

Remember: 160s by May! Just say that every time I want to be lazy or feel "eh, it doesn't matter, I already blew it for the day" or those other pitfalls I let myself get caught in.

It's not merely being honest. Yes, we can admit to our mistakes and misteps but if we don't actively try to change them then we're missing the whole point and "honesty" just becomes another excuse.

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 2/19/2013 9:49PM

    You can do it!!!

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 2/19/2013 9:49PM

    You can do it!!!

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SUSUSUZZZIE 2/18/2013 5:22PM

    Love your goal - 160s by May! And it's great that it is already motivating you to make better choices!

I love your last section - "It's not merely being honest. Yes, we can admit to our mistakes and misteps but if we don't actively try to change them then we're missing the whole point and "honesty" just becomes another excuse." - Very wise!

Have a wonderful week so you can bring the C up and reach your 160s by May goal!


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