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Water Is a Rainbow of Promise (Updated)

Monday, February 18, 2013

I was having difficulty drinking 8 cups of water. How about YOU? Here in Sparkdom, I found lots of tricks like keeping a wedge of lime in your glass, refilling the minute the glass empties, etc. to help me get the job done.

I didn't like to think of water as a beverage. It couldn't win when up against my sodas or McDonald's Iced Coffee.

So I switched my thinking. Since my body was 97% H20, I started thinking of it as food that my body required to keep my skin young, to carry all the great nutrients I'm now eating to all parts of my body in a swift bloodstream, to help all my brain cells remember.

I worked hard to melt away the fat. I followed Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live 6 weeks plan over and over and lost 45 pounds. I'm about half way to goal.

During the last 6 months as the scale went down a half pound or even a whole one, I have been visualizing 2 - 4 sticks of butter melting on a griddle and flowing down in to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where it could never flow back upstream and find its way back onto my body. And that visualization has worked for me.

But once I really thought about it, I realized that water that was carrying those wonderful fat and cancer fighting nutrients all over my body, was also the transport to move all of the unwanted fat molecules out. If I didn't provide the water, those fat cells just lined up at the corner of Overweight and Obese and yelled, "Where's the Bus??"

And then I argued with myself and said, "Well, they can just ride to their doom on my soda, or McDonald's Iced Coffee." But since I know a bit about how things work inside, I knew my body had to work hard to process the sugars or fats in those drinks first and carry those nutrients out to all cells in my body. More sugar and fat going to each cell before the unwanted fat molecules could board the raft that would float them to their doom.

I wondered if I was confusing my body. Probably not. It pretty much does all of its jobs without any thought on the subject. But still. It was ready to give up fat molecules, but I was sending it MORE unneeded sugars and fats. "What do you know that I don't know? Are they predicting a famine out there in the Junk Food Drive Thru?"

So I stopped Imagineering that quiet stream floating the nutrients to all my cells, and started Imagineering a raging flood of water clearing out the junk I had thrown out along the banks of the streams of unhealthy drinks I had been feeding my unhealthy body.

So I'm now thinking of plain water as an important part of my health program, NOT as a beverage.
At first I had to do little kid rules like, "No iced coffee until you drink 4 cups of water." or "Finish your 8 cups of water and you can have a soda."

My idea of beverage has changed and is pretty much iced or hot tea. This summer I might make an iced coffee as a treat on a hot day, figured into my snack for the day. I have stopped fooling myself. I know my body doesn't need those drinks, but it DOES need fresh water to stay healthy.

And if you still need help, the visual below might do it, because every glass of water is a rainbow of promise that you give to your body, a promise that you will never let it be parched again.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • FINAL4
    You do have a way with words Bravelute :) The rainbow quote is especially motivating. Thanks for posting the link.
    1740 days ago
    Thanks for directing me to this blog! I missed it before.

    I need another glass of water RIGHT NOW!
    1740 days ago
    For some reason I missed this blog before. It's excellent. I'm laughing about the cells waiting on the bus!
    I never count how much water I drink. I've been drinking lots of water for, I think a few decades now. When I was still a smoker I read that not drinking when you smoke increases the risk of bladder cancer and somehow I found that such a terrible idea that I started drinking water with my cigarettes! LOL. I quit smoking but I had become accustomed to drinking a lot of water by then.
    So now I MUST HAVE a glass of water first thing in the morning. I can't start my day without it. Then I have herbal tea; I make a big can of herbal tea in the morning and drink from it in the next hours, make another in the afternoon, one at night. I have a bottle of mineral water on my desk and a plastic cup in a fancy color so I don't need to realize I'm thirsty and get up to get water.
    I only drink decaf coffee when I'm out of the house and don't care much for other drinks /beverages except a hot cocoa as an occasional treat.
    Believe me, once you get used to WATER you will realize that nothing compares to it! :)
    1853 days ago
    I don't hate water, just 8 glasses is tough for me to swallow! LOL. I find that filling a glass and letting it sit at room temp. and sipping it in the mornings helps (I can't drink much water before noon, it makes me nauseous). So if I can get even 2 down I am better off. Then the rest I can drink down, refill and have again an hour later or so. The immediate refill thing is what helps me.
    1857 days ago
  • ANGEL1066
    Nice use of visualization. I've never tried that, but will give it a go.
    1858 days ago
    I particularly like the wrinkly picture of the elephant. I do NOT want my skin to look like that!
    1858 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Great blog. I struggle with water intake too and plan to adopt your strategies. Thank you.
    1858 days ago
    emoticon So true. Love the visuals!
    1858 days ago
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