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70 Days of ME day 69

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ok, so these are the only two pics you get for now. Since I was running around all day, I let other people take the majority of the pictures. And some of them actually turned out really nice. So as soon as they get passed on to me, I'll share them with you. :) This morning started out with the bride, another bridesmaid and myself cuddling up in bed and just laying there talking for a little bit. We were so tired from the late night last night that we didn't really want to move, on top of the fact that we knew we were going to have a million things to do today. But, we finally got up, got things ready and rushed out the house super fast. I managed to eat a banana before leaving, but that was not going to be enough. We went to the hall and got things set up there. But by the time we had to leave to go to the church, things weren't all set up so we had to leave the rest of the decorating up to the groomsmen...I don't necessarily suggest that. lol We left the hall and went through Subway drivethru since, other than my banana, none of us had eaten and I knew the bride needed something in her. So we got our subway and headed on to the church. Once we got to the church and finally, church got out late, got things started, it seemed like things were going to move smoothly. Well, the brides hair took FOREVER to get done and the lady doing it was also doing Aimee's hair so while Aimee was waiting for her hair to get done, she was getting her makeup done. Meanwhile, I'm already dressed, hair and make-up done and ready to get moving. Well, the wedding started at 3 and the bride didn't get her hair finished til 2 and then had to get her make-up done and get dressed. The groomsmen all got ready and had their pictures taken and were back to the church before Aimee's hair was even done. So we took very few pictures in the back of the church, where no one could see, before the ceremony started. But we definitely were no where near the schedule that was set out for us today. During the ceremony, the sound situation didn't go quite as expected as someone volunteered to run sound right before the wedding but had never used the sound equipment before. :/ But, we got through the ceremony, took as many pictures as we could and after an hour, went to the reception hall. When we got there we found out that someone had been sent to the store to get serving spoons for the food since we didn't have any. Once the reception started, things seemed to go smoothly again. But then the bride and groom cut their piece of cake to feed to each other and then left. And the rest of the cake sat there...They didn't have anyone to cut the cake! So, I learned how to cut wedding cake tonight by trial and error. lol After that the dancing really began to pick up and it was a ton of fun. I do have 1 picture of me and my friends dancing, but I'll have to try to add that tomorrow. Oh yeah, my friends also decided to pull a prank on me. They had my car keys since I had no place to hold them. So they decided to go to the store and buy saran wrap and toilet paper so they could decorate both the inside and outside of my car. But while they were saran wrapping the inside of my car, they saran wrapped my brights into the "on" position. I had no idea what had been done to my car for a while and then when I noticed that it was no longer in its parking spot, I freaked. They still wouldn't tell me where it was or what had been done to it. By the time I got to it, my brights had been on for probably at least an hour. Which then meant my car had to be jumped because the battery was dead. I made the culprits fix my car while I helped finish things off inside the hall. By the time everything was done though, it was only 9:15 so I went over to my friends house since everyone had gone there after our church had gotten out. We left the house about 11:30 and we were exhausted. But after we got in the car, we realized that we were also STARVING! So, we went and got breakfast. It was so good, but I really should not have eaten that. So today, I ran around like a crazy person, danced my butt off and ate breakfast just after midnight. And now it is almost 1:30am and I am typing with my eyes closed. It is WAYYYYYY past my bed time. Hopefully I'll remember to tell you about my AMAZING MOH speech tomorrow. Good night :)
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  • KMM1123
    I second that - you DO look amazing! Sounds like you had a great time (except for the whole car battery dying - seriously what is with you and cars?).
    1831 days ago
    You look amazing!!
    1832 days ago
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