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What I learned from the EPA brochure about(not) spreading the flu virus.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The information in the brochure (see my last blog) was well researched in scientific emoticon experiments.

If I read the brochure correctly,

--catching a cold can be reduced by diligent hand washing
but catching the flu is different because the droplets are so tiny and get into the air.

---flu viruses are easily spread through air ducts and carried on air currents.

---so we need to prevent flu viruses from getting into the air we breathe and then deep into our lungs.

---rhino viruses (colds) stay in the upper part of our nose and airways but flu viruses are carried much deeper into our lungs.

---some people , especially some children, are super producers of flu viruses.

---keeping humidity close about 45% in homes and schools is a very good way to shorten the infectious life of flu viruses.

---closing the lids on toilets before flushing prevents massive flu viruses from getting into the room --and then traveling all throughout the building through the ventilation ducts. I have been diligent about keeping glasses, cups, toothbrushes sterilized and even out of the bathroom. For years I had low grade virus infections and fatigue from them. I now notice much less fatigue and sinus problems. I do other things also to keep my sinuses clear. I am actually now fairly paranoid about this. But I feel better !!!!!

---in bathrooms, intake vents need to be about 12 inches above the floor-- not all put on ceilings as we tend to do.

---cleaning of air ducts is very important. I put this off for years and years!

---after cleaning the ducts, professionals can spray herbicides (for molds)into air ducts .

---strong UV lights in heating systems kill most flu viruses. I just found out about these when the guys cleaned our ducts!

---schools grow and spread flu viruses! Low humidity, no lids on toilets, often not having air ducts cleaned, super producers of flu viruses.

Take it or leave it! I have read before about toilets spreading germs much farther than previously thought.

Not pleasant information. But I really, really do not want to catch the flu!

Any mistakes are my own. The brochure had many graphs and data in small print.

emoticon Chris
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