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My Secret to Success

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Secret to Success

There are so many things that we can do to do on this adventure to achieve better health and fitness but I have recently discovered a new secret to ensure success, yes, ensure success.

This new found secret is expensive but well worth the price. This new found secret guarantees I eat healthy, eliminate junk food from my diet and makes sure I get out to exercise. In fact, since I began to utilize this new Secret to Success (S2S) on January 1, I have lost 14 pounds in about 6 weeks.

Before I share this S2S, I want you to realize this is not something I can share with anyone, in fact you must cultivate your own. As I said before, this S2S is expensive, can be loud, will grate on your nerves, will cheer you on like no one else in the world and when you don't do what is required watch out. Some of you may think I am talking about a personal trainer but I am not. This S2S is much more effective, this one is determined and watches everything I do like a hawk. My Secret to Success is my 13 year old daughter.

Now some of you may think any child of any age will help, and they might, but believe me there is nothing like a 13 year old daughter. She knows everything, will definitely tell you when you screw up, will plead, beg and cry louder, longer and more effectively than any trainer and best of all she will love you like no other, and with that she will want you to succeed.

In this last month and a half my DD has encouraged me to get out to walk, ride my bike and to play more soccer with her. She has watched my food intake and reminded me to eat healthy. On a recent trip to a restaurant she absolutely glared, and then in a voice and tone only a 13 year can master she proceeded to remind me why Coke and fries are off my list, and not only until I reach my goal weight but forever.

Please don't get me wrong, my DD is amazing and I love her so. She is a fantastic young lady with talent, kindness and a heart of gold but wow, if you want success, there is none other like her. I honestly suggest, if you want to guarantee success, you would be wise to employ one of your kids, (or maybe a niece, nephew or neighbor's kid if you done have your own) especially if they are 13 to help you on this journey to better health and fitness. It will make a difference. It has for me!
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