Running... exercycling.. loving it!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

So, on the 7th February, I did a HUGE thing, and I ran 1.8km or 1 mile approx. Huge for me! :) I ran the whole thing at about a 9.5kmph pace.
Then, more amazingly, yesterday, I decided to push myself - so I ran 5km non-stop. That is SO much bigger!

I have decided I want a GPS watch again (I had one 5 years ago til I hurt myself) so I've decided that I will be allowed it once I get to 100km biked (I did 20km today, so I'm at 50km now - exercycle) and I've run 30km. I'm at 1.8+1.8+5 now (8.6) so a good number to go, but very acheiveable in a short enough amount of time. I can't wait to get a watch, even if it's a secondhand one again :) And it's such a good non scale victory reward!

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