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Pics of me growing up...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This week's BLC theme had me going back to look at my high school photos. I didn't really have that many outside of the obligatory graduation ones. Luckily one of my friends from high school posted a bunch of pictures onto Facebook a few years back so I hopped on to steal them (after I had untagged myself from a majority of them first - seriously, some of those photos need to stay forgotten).

I also decided to add in a couple photos of when I was a kid into this blog - just for fun. I don't have too many photos of when I was young - very few actually. You see, I suffer from a severe case of middle child syndrome. I have an older sister and a younger brother and we're all around 2 years apart.

My sister has tons of photos and a baby book or two because she happened to make it out of the womb first. She wasn't a 'first' child when she was born - she happened to be an 'only' child (temporarily of course but they didn't know that). Therefore my parents burned through Polaroid film like a gambler with a sack full of nickels.

When my brother was born, he wasn't the 'third' child - he was the 'first' boy. The paparazzi-like enthusiasm returned full force. The king in our household now had his heir apparent, Mufasa had his Simba and the circle of life as we knew it could continue on.

Apparently there was nothing very special about being the second girl born in the family - or at least my parents didn't feel my accomplishments were worth photographing that much. Maybe I was just an unremarkable child? Maybe I never did much that deserved to have the moment captured on film? Now that I think about it, 90% of the pictures of me have at least one of my siblings in it as well. So maybe they're not actually pictures of me - they're pictures of my siblings and I just happen to be in them. That sucks even more.

I pulled the middle child card on my mom a few years ago and half-jokingly made fun of the fact that I don't have many pictures and I've never seen my baby book. My mom denied this of course and secretly spent the next few hours looking for my baby book (she never did find it). She said it's probably in storage up in Michigan but I highly doubt that.

My missing pictures and non-existent baby book are kind of a running joke in my family now, a sad running joke but still a little funny.

So anyway, here are a few photos of me growing up and then a couple from high school (the ones that aren't completely mortifying).

Here I am holding the pride and joy that continued my father's lineage. I think my brother was only 3 days old in this so I had to be around 2 years old.

Here's all three of us meeting with the gift giver. I'm in the pink dress - I LOVED that dress and wore it as often as I could. At least until my mom started to worry that child protective services might get called for her not providing me with additional clothing.

Look at those legs! I distinctly remember thinking I was fat at this time. That couldn't be further from the truth.

The legs were definitely getting a little chunky here though. This picture was taken at a friends Roswell party - we were all supposed to dress as waitresses from the show. Yeah, I know, I was kinda dorky in High School.

So dorky in fact that the next picture is from senior skip day - I went to the zoo with my friends. I wasn't even going to skip on senior skip day but all our teachers expected it of us. It was my first time ever 'skipping' school but I don't think it really counts. It's not like I was out behind the dumpsters sneaking a cigarette or trying to buy liquor from a friendly convenience store clerk. I was feeding a couple of giraffes and petting a few goats on a parental endorsed outing. SUCH A DORK!

I was 17 years old in the last photo. I didn't turn 18 until I was well into my first semester at FSU. I was always a year behind my classmates because I started elementary school in England and their cut-off dates were different than America's. It never bothered me though.

Well, that was fun. Hope you enjoyed the photos, there are seriously not that many more of me. If you have any children of your own - please do us middle children a favor and go take some pictures of them (without their siblings present). Save yourself the future shame these middle children will surely bring upon you when they discover their photographic irrelevance to the family.
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    It's just me and the bro, so no middle kid thing happening in my family. Sorry to hear of your travails in that arena...but hey, if you have to, add a little, *ahem* color to your childhood, and then make them feel guilty when they don't remember any of it by claiming that they just weren't paying attention.
    1828 days ago
    thanks for shareing love. emoticon
    1830 days ago
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