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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I have an intense headache tonight. Ever since I got to work actually, but worth it, I believe. I haven't had any coffee since I went in for my Dental Zoom yesterday because they say the first forty eight hours afterwards is crucial for success. No staining substances allowed. Surprisingly, the procedure also pays for the dental trays formed to your teeth and four tubes of the tray bleach, plus an extra one thrown in. The only thing that bothered me during the process was where the mouth guard dilly fits under your nose. It felt like a deep layer sunburn but was totally fine as soon as I was allowed to take the thingy out. I had been concerned about the sensitivity since they said some people can't handle the full four sessions of laser zapping but I didn't have a problem at all...until an hour later when it felt like an electric jolt. Got several of those through the evening but it didn't last to long. They send you home in the bleach trays except filled with some pain reliever and they also send two tubes of that for later use but I don't think it made any difference with me. I just have to say, I am amazed. Totally amazed.

It is a very sad fact that Zoom will not whiten crowns. Or so they say. I wouldn't know that for a fact since they didn't put any of the gel on my crown. What if it WOULD have worked and that was just to force me into a new crown? Either way, that's what's happening. Now I jave one grey looking tooth next to a mouth full of REALLY white teeth. Amazing! AND sucky...I can't get back in for starting the new WHITE crown til a week from Monday. Arrrgh. At least the dentist lady was right...not a single person has noticed yet. She said people would say something was different but they couldn"t tell what but nobody has noticed any change yet. I'm sure I'm not doing the big toothy grins I'm gonna be doing when this crazy front tooth is the same color as the rest, though. Still, I am ablw to get into all my sister's old size twelve jeans this week, too. And they are NOT the stretch jeans in any way.

When I went to mom's before the appointment, I just told her I was getting my teeth cleaned. . After the Zoom I went home and caught Ron changing out the dining room light after having put up half or more of the ceiling tiles. Yay! He never said anything related to Valentine's but last weekend brought up his old standby from when we lived in Wyoming in the nineties...anything romantic is just a script written for tv or movies. Yep. I can tell. It sux that when you can't have your daily fix of coffee that everyone has to be so gosh darn LOUD! I even looked out my door and asked one girl if she was going to be screaming down the hall much longer. She apoligized and then went back to it so I walked to my boy's unit but they were loud too and it's back to freezing weather for a few days. Still. Ain't it great when fantastically wonderful events out weigh the little inconveniences?

OK. Next day. Ron had all but one row of the dining room ceiling complete when I got home (with continued headache). That helped alot, though. Gave up when I woke with the headache and drank coffee thru a straw and hurried to brush my teeth afterwards. Then Ron had to get stuff for his boat and arrows at Academy so I made him stop by Dollar Tree and then we bought a fifty five inch tv for my mom's Ninetieth Birthday...two months early because her thirty eight year old console zeroed in to one thin line on Thursday. Me and my sister had planned to go in halves on it and then Bonnie heard the brothers were ALSO planning to get her one so I called one and she called the other. They had also decided to go in halves on one without us girls. Ain't that a trip?

The real trip is that even with this...something she NEEDED, she complained so much that I almost cried three times just in the time it took to fix the thing up. Like an idiot, I almost thought we would get it to her without complaints. When her teeth fell out when she saw it (dentures, actually) I took it as a sign of pleasure but from that minute on I got, "I could see that nineteen inch just fine. Ya'll don't understand about my special type of blindness. Why would you buy something as big as a house? That little one is all I needed. I don't believe you when you say you got together with your brothers and sister on this. Well thank you..." I said, yeah, you might even start liking it a little by your actual birthday if you give it a chance.

We left there and went to eat for our late Valentine's and Mom called while we were at the loud restaurant to say she couldn't get the remote to work but my Brother was bringing his family over. OK. We've been gone for seven hours so he can fix it. I was SOOOO looking forward to getting home to my coffee but Ron took us to Bonnie's Greenhouse looking for trumpet vines. They don't sell them because they take over so badly so we ended up with three different kinds of altheas (rose of sharon) than what I have at home and three different kinds of yucca that is Ron's new thing, and seeds for red cypress. All to plant at the cabin. I guess Donna changed her mind on the fishtank and didn't want to do the SXSW concert deal since I have emailed twice and never heard anything. I figured she would at least show up for the fishtank since it's so expensive but I'm alright with it. I'm still telling Ron that I am going to both weekend concerts in Austin March 9 and 16. Haha.

When I came home Thursday he starts telling me that next week when we go to the cabin, I have to by ANOTHER queen sized mattress (at least no box spring this time) to put in the loft because his parents want to come visit a couple of weeks later. I told him okay but NOT on the two weekends of the concerts so either we go to the cabin back to back the next two weekends or we go this one and then wait three weeks before bringing them. He says "You'll be ready to go to the cabin when I SAY you'll be ready to go to the cabin." I answered, "Yep. As long as it isn't March 9 or 16 cuz I am gonna see Adam and the bands on those two weekends. I checked out the links and found out I have been listening to alot of the bands on my nook for MONTHS already without knowing it. Adam had sent some links and I downloaded them without specifying names of bands or tracks. All listed as unknown artist.

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