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Saturday, February 16, 2013

So the past two months have been a bingeing downward spiral for me. I have gained 30 pounds and while some of that was in the boobs which I didn't mind, the rest does bother me. The jeans that I was almost ready to get rid of for a smaller size are now too small to wear. All in all not a great feeling.

BUT! As of yesterday I have started back to my calorie counting. My exercise has diminished some but never went away and I am keeping on track with that, and going to get back to Sunday morning yoga which I have missed. I am confident that I can start the weightloss process again with equal success. In the first year or so I lost 127 lbs. Then I gained back 30. I now have about 65 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight which is only a bit more than half of what I lost the first time around. I can do this. I will do this. I have great support and all the cookies in the world are not worth more than getting back to how healthy and fit I felt 30 pounds ago. If I don't break 200 I can deal with that as long as I feel fit.

I think I felt worse now 'on the way up' than I did at this weight on the way down. I could feel by body deteriorating and I was unhappy not getting the nutrients I needed. My body appreciates when I treat it well.

I am scared for when I hit maintainence. I don't want to pile on the pounds like I did this time, but I don't want to be counting calories forever either. I think I can find a balance. If I eat the healthy food that I need I don't really have a lot of room left for junk. I just need to eat the healthy stuff first, easier said than done. I am worried about getting to my goal, but for now the weightloss process, that I know how to do and I know I can do. In the fall or winter when I get to my goal weight, then I will worry about maintaining it. For now I need to focus on getting there.
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    If I could make a suggestion...
    I have a friend TINAJANE76 who heads up the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance team. Drop her a line and check out the team. She is invaluable to me and I think could really help you out!
    1857 days ago
  • HHB4181
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    1859 days ago
    I am so pleased you are back with, never ever feel alone on this journey we are all here aiming for the same goal to be fit and healthy.
    Try not to worry too much about what will happen when you reach goal and have to maintain, take each day as it comes, life sure likes to throw things at us that can make us go off track and into the wilderness but if you can peel back those tree's and long grasses you will find your way again.
    This is my second time on Sparks, the first time I lost about 26lb, bearing in mind I needed to loose about 100lb, I so understand where you are coming from, really it's not fair is it that it is so easy to gain but real hard work to loose!!!!
    The biggest change for me this time is my mindset, I realise this is going to be a life change and after just 3 months I am beginning to notice taste changes, oh don't get me wrong I still fancy the bad stuff but not as much and I am sure over time my taste buds will change and my mindset will get stronger to help me make the right choice's.
    Just know your friends are here to support and encourage you along the way, make the most of the tools available to you here on Spark, connect with others and I know you will be going down the right track.
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    Dee xoxox
    1860 days ago
    It's easier for me to gain it back too, so I understand what you're saying. If it makes you feel any better, you're in good company.

    I try to think this way ... I'm going to eat healthy for the rest of my life. Then, I don't fear gaining it all back once I get to goal.

    Now, I know that "eating healthy" doesn't happen every day. If it did, I wouldn't be in the process of losing 40 pounds after having lost 150 pounds 10 years ago. But, life does get in the way and things happen. But, I do catch myself now. I don't gain back all the lost weight. Along the way, we figure out some things that used to trip us up. It's a journey, not a destination. OK, that's more than a saying. :)

    Glad you're back with us!! We can do this easier together than by ourselves!!
    1861 days ago
    I know what you mean! I gained a good amount back after thyroid cancer. I gain weight easily now. I lost 112 pounds in 2010 and had surgery that christmas. I went back to 235 and joined SP in October. I am down to 210 and feeling better about it.
    You will too. You can do this!
    1861 days ago
    Glad you are back and living healthy again. I just started back after a illness. I had gained about 14 pounds. So good luck. We both can make our goals. We have to just keep pushing ahead and take care of ourselves. Good luck.
    1861 days ago
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    1861 days ago
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