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Saturday, February 16, 2013

First, I need to whine a little. I am STILL having pain in my hands and right knee from my fall!! It has been a month!!! What is up with this??? I will say they are better but still painful!! Really???? I am so old it takes this long to heal? Yeah, well I'm over this!! I want pain free!!
I have gotten back to exercise on a regular basis. Pretty much in my old routine...walking 4 days a week. ST 2 days a week. And, no one will be surprised to hear, I'm feeling better!! I purchased a hypnotherapy CD for exercise motivation. Not sure it's really helped with that but I have not been able to do the sessions as faithfully as I should. It does seem to give me more energy though. Placebo or actual, I'll take it. I thought it might encourage me to continue with the exercise when I lose all motivation. So I'm exercising and tracking!! WooHoo!
Which brings me to the "self-sabotage" from my last blog. I had many friends respond that it really doesn't matter WHY I do it; just to know that I do it! Thinking about that, I believe you're right. I may have that self discovery or I may not but in the end it doesn't matter. Just plow through it. I can tend to be a "navel gazer" and I know I could use this "reason for self sabotage" seeking as a way to avoid even more exercise! emoticon So, I'm not worrying why--just doing it. Hence, the hypnotherapy CD in an effort to keep going! Thanks for everyone's insights!
And, now we are at the end of my daughter's pregnancy and the agonizing final days of waiting. I have packed a bag and taken it to her spare bedroom. I have toiletries lined up and ready to throw in a bag. I have my list of odds and ends that I need to throw in last minute. So where's the baby?? Her "doctor due date" is next Saturday but all along she has said she thinks today is her due date. Geez! Her next appt is Thursday and if she's still around they will schedule an induction. emoticon Now, here's the deal. My hubby is leaving town on business Monday evening and will return Thursday night. If she has baby while Grandpa is gone I have to take my dog and his stuff with me. Oh, I would love to avoid that! He's an easy guy; sleeps a lot but still one more complication with the 2 kids and their dog!!! So, as much as I want that baby here safe and sound, maybe next weekend would be better. Would you believe he's leaving town the next week also? I've given my daughter very narrow time frames to have this baby. LOL She is very cranky at this stage of the game and doesn't see any humor in anything!! emoticon They did not find out the gender and have struggled with names. They may have to give baby a number!!!
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  • SHARON10002
    Glad to read that you have begun to exercise again, but sorry you are still experiencing pain. Unfortunately, our muscles have memories longer than an elephant's!
    I can hear the excitement in your writing about your new little grand-baby's birth! Hope everything goes well. As for names until (s)he is born - we called our little GD TK- (The Kid) or The Bun, and the latter one is still in use today - with utmost affection of course!
    1858 days ago
    Did I miss it? Did the baby come? How exciting! And how exciting for you that you have found some new exercise motivation!
    1859 days ago
    I'm not good at being sick or injured either. My doc says 6-8 weeks of this and it sounds like a death sentence to me. LOL. Enough already. We want this over.

    I have been trying to exercise as I can too. The doctor didn't forbid it and, let's face it, If I can't breath I have to quit.

    Sounds like your daughter and the baby better cooperate. LOL. My early delivery was not convenient for my hubby when I had my son who was a preemie. He told me he didn't have his stuff ready and it wasn't time and did I mention this to the doctor. LOL. I was acutely interested in what stuff he needed for me to have a baby. LOL.

    I sure hope your daughter holds off till it's convenient. LOL.
    1859 days ago
    Hope everything is going well and the baby listened to your time preferences, ha ha...when my last grandchild was born I knew we'd be heading to NJ. My boss, the mother of 2 kids herself, seemed to think I could give her a set arrival time....I just laughed at her.
    1859 days ago
    How exciting! There is nothing like the anticipation of a new baby emoticon

    I'm sorry you are still having pain but good for you for moving on without total resolution on the "why's" of self- sabotage. emoticon

    Have so much fun with the new baby and all the fun of grandma duties!!! emoticon
    Keep us posted on the good news!

    1860 days ago
    Beth I am so proud of this turn around attitude to exercise. I too have relaxation and motivation tapes galore. I need them to help me to relax I am always told I am too uptight.
    It looks like you will have your hands full again, just think you will be able to see your grandchild right away I had to drive through mountains and wait for snow to go. I saw one at six weeks the others months after wards.
    It's such an emotional time and having to take care of the little ones too you will have your hands quite full. I hope the hands are getting better by now, if not you could used some topical analgesic to help with the pain . SO LONG AS THERE ARE NO OPEN WOUNDS at this time.
    Check with your Dr. It is better to put it on topical in my experience because taking pills often upsets the digestive system.
    I wish i lived closer I love little people but ours are no longer little, they are good company for sure but little people are so entertaining and frustrating.
    I hope you are able to have a great time with them HUGS and MUCH LOVE,-- Pat in Maine emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1861 days ago
    Wow, the time is so close! My new Grandbaby isn't due til the end of April, but that's really coming up soon too! Sounds like you have everything planned and ready to go. I hope all goes well and can't wait to hear when he/she arrives!

    Sorry you're still hurting from your fall :-(
    1861 days ago
    It's not about how OLD we are- some things just need longer to heal.
    I work on that over-thinking issue myself- I use the '5 deep breaths and let it go' method- seriously, it works for me.
    I, too, am very suggestible and have used hypnosis for sleep and over-eating- placebo effect or not- again, works for me.
    My son and dil did not choose to know the sex of either of their kids- they said there are so few big surprises left in life!- but they had two names picked out ahead for Lucy and William. I wonder if their personalities would have been different if Wm had been born first-would Wm have been the little bossypants and Lucy following him everywhere?
    Good luck with the new baby- hope you don't have to take the dog.

    1862 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    For all the fuss and bother, new babies are so great! Remember how they smell and are always like warm little bricks? Lucky you! And when the baby cries, give back to Mom. Double lucky.

    Hopefully your pains will diminish soon. Imagine holding the little one with sore hands. My very best to your daughter. She has to do all the work so you can have a warm brick, lol.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon


    ALso, good for you to get moving. I am doing nothing and wonder if a hypno-tape might help? Which one did you get? Maybe I can download something for my iPod or Kindle. It sounds like a creative idea to get someone off their bum and into some sneakers.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1862 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/16/2013 10:01:52 AM
    I hope all goes well with the baby and he/she comes when your husband is home.

    Also I hope the pain you are experiencing goes away. I am glad you exercising.

    At least no snow! I don't care what people say, I do not like snow and I am glad we have had a virtual snow free winter.
    1862 days ago
    LOL, I loved the humour in your blog. You sound in a good place and I'm sure it's because of the exercise. Good for you :) Have a great day!
    1862 days ago
    congrats on the baby and I pray that you become pain free soon
    hubby needs to take the dog LOL
    1862 days ago
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