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First Best Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ok, so I know the title sounds a little sappy and hard to believe but it's true.

I worked all day and had no plans for the evening other than dialysis. I called hubby to let him know that I was on my way home and that's when I decided to mention my brain storm....

Instead of the traditional go eat, stuff yourself til you're sick and then watch a chic flick Valentine's Day date, why don't we actually DO something. He was all in! So we drove down to the coast, and yes we ate, but I was very proud of myself as I kept my portion healthy....of course I had a bite of chocolate (I do mean a bite because when I tasted it, it was like pure sugar and that didn't appeal to me). We did not trade material gifts. No roses, chocolate candies, goodies for him.....just sweet time together. After our meal, we went straight to the bowling lanes! We bowled TWO hours STRAIGHT!!!! Non-stop!! And can I just say......I AM FEELING IT BIG TIME TODAY! LOL but WOW! It felt awesome to actually put this body into some REAL motion! I'm totally worn out today but still on an emotional high! That is actually the first "mover & shaker" that I've done since my hernia repair surgery.....with all the limitations doctors put on me, I honestly have been afraid to lift anything. But, doc said nothing over 10lbs.....I used an 8lb ball and a 7lb ball.....it was GREAT!!! I'm ready to go back....ok, so my butt muscles aren't ready but the rest of me is!

I told my hubby that it was the absolute BEST Valentine's ever. He was like "Really??!!" I said , yeah, but I still like my roses. hahaha We both laughed and wrapped up our bowling experience. We shut the place down! We really were the last customers to leave LOL I told her the kids just could not hang with us old folks LOL We had a blast.

Tonight, hubby calls me from work and tells me to look up Ballroom Dancing Lessons that he wants to whirl me around! LOL I'm game so I did and found a couple of places. So I guess we'll be doing a little dancing before too long. I can't wait....then again, the thought of moving this body in that way just scares me LOL Oh well, if he's willing, I'm definitely willing. I've never had a husband that didn't care what I look like on the outside but loves me unconditionally for the inside as much as this man does. (Let me clarify this....I've only been married one time before LOL Didn't want that to sound like I've been married 100 other times LOL) He's definitely a keeper.

On another note, I've made up my mind to join the gym. I discussed it with my hubby and told him that I'm more apt to be faithful to my workout if I'm paying for it vs. doing it at home with nothing/noone to hold me accountable. If he tried, we'd just fuss because I don't want him to be "bossy" and that's what I'd probably look at it as. So, I feel this will work best.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.....if you didn't have someone to share it with, I hope you treated yourself special!
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