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The Happiness Challenge Day 1

Friday, February 15, 2013

3 gratitudes

***** 3 gratitudes **********

I am grateful for the internet because most of my course materials are now online and I collaborate with my classmates through googledocs which is so thrilling for me. I did not have internet access throughout my public school education and my internet experience throughout my undergrad was email and yahoo messenger. I graduated before facebook or youtube.

I am grateful for facebook because I am able to stay in contact or reconnect with people from the past who now live far away.

I am grateful that Lavinia is adjusting well to her life going back and forth from NS and PEI. It is quite normal for her since Jason and I split when she was 2 but she was used to us being in the same town until I went back to school.

***** Journaling **********
Yesterday in Literacy we presented our final project on our design for our ideal school. I never imagined doing a project like this in a literacy course. We started off talking about design for the school itself with latest technology and facilities which really branched into what kind of design in the classroom which then gets into teaching methods and school policy. Being a group project we did not agree on everything but quickly found out what really mattered to us. We talked about retractable walls so there would be the opportunity for team teaching and community involvement through experts presenting to the classroom, getting students involved in community outreach and incorporating that in their learning as well as co-op programs. We had mandatory fitness hour where students can chose level of intesity but stresses the importance of fitness. We presented as if we were recruiters coming to our graduating class in the Education program and started with a short video promotional video from the school. It went over very well. The other group had a different set up but there were a lot of great ideas in their presentation as well. We both talked about the importance of students contributing to the community in outreach programs and using it as credit or partial credit for class depending on the outcomes. We talked about student choice and student contracts to advance students toward independance in their learning. It was really good. I find that a lot of PD and staff meetings turn into blaming the student for absense and behavior instead of coming up with real solutions. I loved having this course at this point after completing three practicums because it is so easy to come up with great ideas in a perfect world but thinking through these ideas with examples of real students in our head was very exciting.

***** Exercise **********
12 minute video - low impact cadio. Not very much but sustainable for everyday.

***** Meditation **********
In my room. Would usually do yoga and should have but got home late and didn't want to disturb everyone else.

***** RAK **********
I kind of feel like a bit of a cheat with this one because it is just the decent thing to do. I left a message with Danny's mother that someone called me to let him know that his tax exempt card was returned for his fuel. (He is a fisherman.) I called Danny's mother and gave her all the information since I no longer have any of his information. He did leave me a message from a blocked number thanking me for the message so I will count it.

You know you're 80's old school when you hold a special place in your heart for Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Did I ever!!! and loved him in Family Ties and Spin City and now on The Good Wife.
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