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Listening to people talk about diets...

Friday, February 15, 2013

...is actually such an interesting topic and each person has their own ideas on how to do this.

Today I had the pleasant surprise of running into an ex girlfriend of my younger son. I was trying to find a nail polish I liked which in the end she chose for me with a lipstick to match.....and then kindly produced a R20 ($3) gift voucher for that shop and gave it to me. In the end my purchase cost me less than R5 ($.5) whoopee. But as is typical of the young I ended up with a "new and different" albeit interesting shade of nail varnish which I will get used to. I don't mind the color, just never would have bought it myself without her excitement that went with the purchase. I also matches a brand new top I bought last week so that works out rather well too.
With the purchase done, we went and had coffee together and we got chatting about diets. Neither she or I looks much thinner than when we last met, not because we hadn't lost the weight, rather, we had both lost and regained our weight.

After chatting for almost an hour, we were joined by my two sons who were popping in (unexpectedly) for a cup of coffee at the same coffee shop. Not too hard to do since we only have one mall and it has only 4 coffee shops/restaurants and I only have 1 favorite. emoticon
That's when the conversation got really interesting because both my sons, have lost their weight successfully and my younger son has kept it off for 6 months already. Both have used totally different methods that work for them. Us ladies agreed that it was too stringent for us, but admired their ability to do what they did.

My younger son chose to fast for 3 days, eating only 1 apple a day to detox and give his colon a rest. After that, he gave some thought to how eating may originally have occurred. He figured that Adam did loads of exercise via walking, bending, stretching while naming the animals. Then when Adam got hungry, he no doubt walked up to a tree and picked a juicy, palm sized fruit and ate that. He possibly finished his "meal" with a drink from a fresh water stream. His next meal only happened when he was next hungry, which he probably wandered over to a gooseberry bush and plucked a handful of gooseberries and ate that etc etc etc. So that is what Cole did. For breakfast he would eat a fruit that fitted into the palm of his hand and then got out his bicycle and cycled into the mountains. He drank water from the mountain streams and ate what berries he found along the way. At night he ate 2 boiled eggs because they fitted into the palm of his hand.
Cole had no breakfast, lunch, dinner routine. He ate when he was hungry and it fitted into his palm. One of his favorites was a palm sized potato hot from the microwave and a teaspoon of olive oil drizzled onto it. He shrank within months. He had loads and loads of energy and looked bright and clear eyed and I watched muscles forming where layers of fat had been from the cycling and boxing/kicking an exercise bag.
He was unemployed when he tackled that diet. He now works on the rig and has set mealtimes. Still he eats minimally for a 6 ft 2 man who works physically ie at breakfast he will have 1C of muesli with yogurt for breakfast....both fit into 1C. Lunch he has a sandwich with salad and dinner usually is protein and hot veggies. He looks superb.

My elder son cant stand eating breakfast....he never has, even as a child, it makes him nauseous to eat early. He prefers to eat one BIG meal a day. So that's what he does. He eats for the first time round 4pm and then its a dinner plate full of all food groups. He also goes into the mountains and forests but his exercise of choice is walking. He likes the slower pace but walks 15-20 kms (9-12 miles) at a time. He is also a djembe drummer which takes loads of energy output. He too has lost most his weight in 3.5 months. Still has a few kilograms to go, but his weight loss is very visible. All his pants no longer fit. He has had to reinvest in pants. His shirts button well with room to spare whereas they used to strain over his stomach before.

So now its Jessica and my turn to find what works for us and get it off. I love figures so calorie counting works for me....but I would probably do better if I stopped counting calories and ate off a smaller plate as I did before and lost 20kgs (44 pounds). Mine is not the losing of the weight, its keeping it off. So my challenge is to find a way to KEEP it off once I've lost it.

Another year.....another try.
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    It is often more difficult to keep the weight off. You have put it well when you say that different things work for different folks. Our bodies change, as do our circumstances and we need to change with them. You will, with persistence find what works for you.
    Each moment is a new beginning! emoticon
    1861 days ago
    1861 days ago
    I enjoyed that. It's so true that different things work for different people. What some people can tolerate, like no breakfast, would make me so sick. I'd likely have a massive headache or migraine by noon if I did such a thing. I really like how we are all so different.
    1861 days ago
    Great blog

    I say what ever works, do it!

    I too hate breakfast. I have to be up at least 2 to 3 hours before I can face food.

    Hugs Mary
    1861 days ago
    good blog
    1861 days ago
    Just goes to show how different we are. I read an article somewhere that explains in detail just why men lose it quicker etc. Drawing a blank about it right now though.
    1861 days ago
    I think the key is to find changes that we can live with for life. If we don't form new patterns, the weight is always going to come right back.
    1861 days ago
    Celest you will do it

    keeping it off is a challenge .. but you can do it!
    1861 days ago
    I'm doing on a 2013 WINTER INTO SPRING 5% CHALLENGE and I really want to push it for the 8 weeks. I plan to aim for 9 veggies and 70-100 g lean protein. When you look at the numbers the calories and carbs are super low but the plate is filled with food.
    1861 days ago
    Amazing how different things work for different people. Everyone has to find their own niche! emoticon
    1861 days ago
    Where there's a will there's a way

    You can do it.
    1861 days ago
    I try to remember that half of my smaller dinner plate should be covered with veggies, 1/4 with protein and the other 1/4 with carb.
    1861 days ago
    You know, the smaller plate is an idea that works for me too. Gotta remember to do that! Hope you enjoyed your coffee!
    1861 days ago
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