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Fashion Friday & a couple of cute dog photos

Friday, February 15, 2013

In the last couple of weeks I made up for last months' lack of shopping. Got lots of good bargains -- and I think I am actually all shopped out for a while. And used up some gift cards, too (still have a couple, but like I said, I plan to take a shopping break).

Got some good clearance finds at Marshalls. I like this top, but am not actually quite sure what I will wear it with; it's a mix of blues & pink. There's also little sparkly studs on it that you can't see. It goes fine with the gray top, and I do really like this gray top . . . but still thinking on what else it will pair with.

Which is unusual; usually I can visualize outfits when I choose something new.

Got a great deal on this sweater on clearance, too. I already own it in more brown tones, but since I really love it, wear it often, this one was only $10 & I had a gift card . . . the rest is history.

Now we're on to H&M where I had some good coupons for recently & got some good bargains, like this dress. I know it looks really good on me in the photo -- facing right is my good side, I've determined -- but trust me, I need to lose those 6 lbs to get to my personal GW for this dress to fit right.

And for these pants, too . . . I thought maybe I could wear them yesterday, but I really wanted to breathe . . .

I took a gamble -- they didn't have the size I needed, so I went with the size I knew was too small for me now. Almost all of my wardrobe fits really well now (with a few pair of jeans that are now too big), but I still do have just a few pieces that are still driving me towards that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

These cobalt blue pants, however, fit now. I wish we actually had a full length mirror in the bathroom so I could have gotten a better photo. I felt I needed a little color to help with this dreary winter & these (from Loft, on sale + another 30% off) fit the bill.

I got a $10 coupon to Chicos for my birthday. Which is funny, because I almost never shop there. Every once in a blue moon I buy some jewelry there. And that's what I figured I would do.

The photo does not do this blazer justice. I have a lot of clothes I like a lot, but there are a few pieces I just LOVE and this is one. It's black, purple, pink & silver boucle. It was a great bargain, too -- $159 down to $34. There was a gold blazer I liked a lot too, but as you can see, there was a lot of shopping & you have to make choices.

I do kind of wish it wasn't an open blazer . . . I know I could get it tailored to close, but I'll wear it and see how I feel about it first. I'm going to have to get all these pants hemmed at some point anyway.

Next Friday I'll be back with shoe porn. You knew there had to be some shoes, right?

But I'll leave you with some doggy cuteness.

Simba used to lay this way . . . Lola has always seemed to have this love/hate relationship with him. She seemed to try to copy what he did, but she was scared of him, too. They often laid on the bed together -- at opposite ends -- but she doesn't lay on the bed as much anymore now that he's gone (except at night; she likes going to bed early -- even earlier than me!).

Or maybe she was just claiming the territory for herself.

I have a bunch of these little toys that Chester just adores. He doesn't carry them around, but he can be very reluctant to give them up.

You know how they say animals & their owners resemble each other? Chester may be a blonde, but notice his wild hair? Who does that remind you of?
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