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I am racing the clock once again. The day made itself it was good.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I promised DH I would get to bed early again --it did not happen.

I cannot change it it's too late.

I went to the car was and when i got home and looked at it it was a dirty mess. I told DH I would go back he said don't bother it taken most of the dirt off.

I DROVE back and said I paid for a $12.00 car wash and the sides are still dirty, He said I had driven it on wet rads and the car was splashed. I said look along the bottom it is shiny and yet the middle is still dirty. He said so what are you asking I said please clean it again. HE DID so that I could change.

Iwalked the rail trail when friends asked me to. I walked with cleats but I fell on Black ice and went down. I was hurt but not badly hurt. I wore the right clothes so it was just a bruised knee.

I did the right thing wearing lined Denim Jeans and a long Duffle coat and good gloves so I was not hurt.I made the right choice.

We were invited to a chocolate tasting and DH wanted to go, I arrived home too late to go mostly because the fall slowed my walking but I did walk over 10,000 steps. I went home and told DH what had happened.

There was no problem I was forgiven and was given sympathy- How nice is that, there was no problem.

We waited for our financial planner to arrive a couple of friends cam eby. We had tea and they had scones. The financial planner never came, that was a surprise but our company stayed and we chatted and they suggested we go out to dinner. DH said yes it is Valentines day.
We made plans to eat at a restaurant and they left to meet with us later.

Once again plans were foiled but there was another silver lining.

We had a really good supper and good company and now it is almost midnight but I had to tell you all we had a really nice day despite the problems.
Together we work really well DH and I .

We had a lovely Valentines day No chocolate, no flowers just some nice surprises instead.
Pat in Maine.
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