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I am a sugar perv!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I just had this distressing realization when I responded to Sparkfriend Musically Minded, and her status about being weary of seeing her friend's Facebook photos of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, candies, etc. I told her that I can relate because I have a near-visceral reaction to sightings of sugary concoctions, whether it be while walking past a bakery, or leafing through a magazine, or watching a television show or movie. When I see any kind of sugary-food porn, I swear my heart rate goes up, my mouth begins to water, I get urges and desires, and I can't concentrate. See?! I am a SUGAR PERV! Yikes! I need an intervention, or an exorcism, or hypnotism, or something. With all the *&%*$%$ dental work I have had done (hmmm, some correlation there?) couldn't they remove my freaking sweet tooth. Actually, I am pretty sure I have more than a sweet tooth - I probably have a sweet bicuspid, a sweet molar or two....I am probably lousy with sweet teeth. Of course, having said all this, do you know how much sugar I have had on this lovely St. Valentine's Day? None, zero, zippo, nada, bubkis, zilch! This is only partly by choice. My husband gave me lovely flowers, and fixed a nice dinner, and gave me a gorgeous card but he did not give me chocolates. At first he said it was because he thought I would smack him (and not this kind of smack emoticon ) if he gave me candy, but then he 'fessed up that he bought me some handmade chocolate caramels (my favorite) at a local chocolate shop and he and our dear 9 year old proceeded to eat them while they were running around town doing errands! Oh, well. I need chocolate caramels like a need another big-@$$ed dental bill. Wanna bet I will be having pervy dreams about emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon?? Interestingly enough, when I do have food dreams, I always feel AWFUL in the dream - stuffed and disgusting and nauseous. Sheesh, I am sugary mess, Sparklypeople. Good thing I am still lovable emoticon
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    I had a shout-out in this blog and I haven't read it until just now - shame on me. Well...nothing much for me to say, except I totally understand. I have a visual reaction too. My husband calls me a sucker for advertising because any time I see a commercial for food I have to have it! So I prefer to record my favorite TV shows so I can fast-forward through the commercials. I have to say though, it's not nearly as bad now that I'm not pregnant. I had some awful craving attacks!
    1814 days ago
    You are sooooo funny! I just had YET another cavity filled last week. Each time I'm in the dentist chair, I swear to myself that I'm never eating candy again. But even before the numbing wears off, I'm stuffing something sweet in my mouth. emoticon My goodness, I can relate to this blog.

    Way to go on not eating chocolate on V-day.
    1819 days ago
    I don't even need pictures of the sweet stuff to get me salivating. All I need to do is read the word chocolate or candy or cupcake and I'm gone!
    1824 days ago
  • COFFEE_123456
    The subject line is HYSTERICAL!
    1831 days ago
    You crack me up!! But, I can completely identify with you - I love sweets too!! It doesn't have to be chocolate - but that is my favorite!! I am just a candy-aholic!!
    Maybe we should start a new group - "Sweet-Lovers Anonymous"
    Have a great week!!
    1831 days ago
    Your husband and 9 yore ally stepped and made the sacrifice eating those candies! Look at all the guilt they saved you from! My wife made me spritz cookies ( a favorite) so I will eat them and then try to work it off!
    1833 days ago
    You are so funny! I can totally relate to the sugar perv in you - I have one lurking too, with all the mouth watering going on as well! Good for you for skipping it all on Valentine's - it's tough to do, even if you only skipped it because the guys ate it all - that works! emoticon
    1833 days ago
  • NUMD97
    Does a huge dental bill work like a smoker's addiction, that once the latter calculates out the amount of money spent on cigarettes, s/he finds the greatest incentive to quit?

    You triggered a memory about food dreams: I remember clearly in high school having a dream about chocolate cake [don't get me started about my "marriage" to chocolate cake, all varieties, especially devil's food, which is somewhat ironic in itself]. And the kicker was it was also a taste dream! I clearly remember that the cake tasted spoiled, and when I woke up, I still had that pecular "taste" in my mouth. My biggest worry was if I didn't buy a slice of chocolate cake for lunch, I was in fear that I might never eat chocolate cake again. Something akin to getting back on that horse. Should have left well enough alone, but what is a world without chocolate cake?

    As an elderly aunt used to say, "Everything in moderation."

    Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too? emoticon
    1833 days ago
    I hear ya! Also, I loved this blog- so funny!
    1834 days ago
    Yay for you!! Of course you are loveable emoticon

    It sounds like you had a great Valentine's day with the family. emoticon emoticon
    1834 days ago
    Good for you! My SO bought me a little decorated petit-fours cake. but sugar isn't a big problem for me. Potato chips, on the other hand.........
    1834 days ago
    Ummm. Me too!
    1834 days ago
    We should start a club of Sugar Pervs Anonymous!! I bet it will be a big group!
    1834 days ago
  • DAISY443
    I gave up wine and now I crave sugar which has never been a problem before (except during pms, but that's long gone!). Sigh!
    1834 days ago
    Omg, I just realized I am a "Sugar Perv" also! (Is that a BAD thing?????)
    1834 days ago
    Oh my sweet Spark friend ! You are not alone in that sugar addiction. Found this articls (not like you probably haven't perused articles yourself, right! DUH!) but maybe it will help a little.
    56445 - Cached

    It really takes time to loose that obsession with sugar AND salt. Go figure . . . the same area of the brain that lights up on MRI of an addict exposed to their substance lights up with sugar and salt. **SIGH**

    Salt . . . I am a self-confessed reforming, recovering salt addict. Lord it is hard. You have to be an extreme label reader. I will not keep chipds and the like in the house (Yeah, right . . . Lays (or is it JAYS)? . . . who can eat just one? FOR SURE I CAN'T.

    Well, anyhow, before I get too far off the path, the only thing I can do is encourage you to avoid it! That is wonderful that your DH bought you flowers and made a nice supper. My DH did those things too! And if you knew ANYTHING about him, culinary skills are NOWHERE near the top ten skills he possesses! Literally had to teach him how to boil water! BUT the sweet guy is learning! He nade a salmon supper and it was yummy! I helped by offering suggestions, but he did the major part of it alone. Success!!!!

    Hang in there. Addictions (and sugar definitely is) are very, very hard to overcome and really do not go away . . . just controlled. Does it mean it will always be a struggle? No . . not always -- taste buds will change. But something to be aware for this journey called life? Definitely.

    You are NOT alone . . . we're here. Glad . . . so very glad . . . you blogged about this. Now it's out there, in the open.

    Name it, claim it, tame it, as one wise sparker said!

    HUGS HUGS HUGS emoticon emoticon
    1834 days ago
    Ohhhhh I hear you. I had to stop watching that Cake Boss show last year since I found myself dreaming of frosting. frosting?!? Yep. Sheesh.
    Thank GOD I got DVDs from Randy and a small bag of something sweet (peppermint patties), and not the big box of Sees's candy that I was worried about getting. Eek!

    I am your loyal pal, and also an admitted candy freak!
    1834 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Gosh, I remember those days. Even now, the thought of a few foods can get me going, but it's not very often anymore and I'm amazed (but getting used to) the fact that I can walk down the same aisles of cookies and candy that used to waylay me and not have a twinge. But enjoy the heck out of sweets when I do have them! It took about 2 years with some real down times, but it was worth it.

    I feel ya!
    1835 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Hi Carol
    Yeah, I'm a sugar perv too. Sometimes it sucks to be us:) On the other hand, we ALL have more good qualities than bad. You're lovable. I'm lovable. We just have to put that sugar perv part of us back into its little corner of space in our lives, and not let it grow out of proportion.
    1835 days ago
    Yes lovable you are! Sugar is definitely my Achilles heel. I cannot believe how much better I have felt this past month after pretty much completely eliminating it from my diet (with a few exceptions like birthday cake....). Yes, if I could just have the sweet tooth pulled, I would make that appointment today. Meanwhile, we're not about to give up! emoticon
    1835 days ago
    lol! "Sugar perv" ~ what a description, however so true for me!
    1835 days ago
    This was my blog until about 3 months ago. After a lifetime of trying to "get off sugar," I have. It's incredibly wonderful.
    1835 days ago
    I can so relate! This is a sugary world, no question about it. And I am like an addict - I think about sugar way too much.

    Thanks for posting! Love your sense of humor.

    1835 days ago
    We're all born with a sweet tooth. I love candy. I stare at it longingly at the convenience store. I have to walk into bakeries. I linger at the bakery section of the grocery store. I might stare and long for the sweetness, but I rarely buy. I tell my boyfriends I'm a cheap date because I don't drink alcohol. I drink lemonade or root beer. I can rarely get a dessert at a restaurant since I'm full before I finish my main course.

    The man I live with has diabetes and he can't tolerate sweets. He makes faces at me when I eat ice cream or cake. I can easily schedule a nice treat in my daily calories, everyday if I desire. Sugar doesn't have to be the enemy. emoticon
    1835 days ago
    I hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as you are! And thankfully this has nothing to do with your sweet tooth. You'll always be lovable no matter how many sweet teeth your dentist manages to remove!!!
    1835 days ago
    My whole life is food voyeurism! emoticon Happy Valentine's Day!
    1835 days ago
    Um, you're talking to a person who shared a lovely piece of cheesecake today. It's Valentine's Day, and who do I love? Cheesecake.
    1835 days ago
    You are indeed loveable! And your blogs bring me laughter (much needed comic relief), empathy & inspiration!

    Oh! I started to say it's 7 months until they whip out the Halloween candy...but I forgot...the Easter bunnies are already wreaking havoc for me in the grocery stores. Arrrrggghhhh!

    Keep the blogs coming, C, we're desperate for your wisdom and wit!

    Congrats on your successful day...I wish my DH had been as thoughtful as yours! emoticon
    1835 days ago
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry because I relate to this so intensely. From one sugar perv to another, Happy Valentine's Day!
    1835 days ago
    I'm a sugar perv, but I'm also a sugar pimp! I know this about myself...and yes you are loveable! I had a price of cake with franks grandma for her BD but that's it! Yea me!!!
    1835 days ago
    Happy Valentine's Day
    1835 days ago
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