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My First Outdoor 5K

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This was my Valentine's gift to myself. (Sort of, it came courtesy of Trish from the Sole Sparkers team. Thanks Trish!)

I did it! emoticon
I sucked it up and ran my Valentine's Day Virtual emoticon outdoors!
I felt sluggish and slow.
Like I was running in slow motion.
I don't know if it's normal, since everyone passing me up was on a bike! emoticon
The bike trail at the beach is being repaved in some sections, so the detour puts the walkers emoticon runners emoticon and bike riders emoticon all on the same path.
My weather app said it was 64 degrees emoticon , but it felt WAY hotter with the sun emoticon in my face.
I had slathered my face with sunblock at home so I just slathered on my lip balm with sunscreen and put on my shades emoticon

I walked a short distance as a warm up, then off I went.
My feet felt like I had cement blocks underneath.
I started doubting I could run the whole way.
I was surprised I was trying to talk myself into walking so soon!
I had to pep talk myself the whole time!
'Just make it to the next restroom area.'
'Just make it to the next palm tree.'
'Just make it to the first mile.'
And just when I was over pep talking myself and was going to stop for a walking break, a gentleman standing off to the side smiled and nodded at me.
I know it's silly, but in my head I saw him clapping and cheering me on!
This is how runners get their second wind, I thought.
I kept going.

Before I knew it, it was all over! emoticon
I snapped this picture of myself before my face got a chance to turn tomato red and before the sweat came pouring out off my head. I tried not to frown, but as you can see the sun was beaming on me.

I keep a nice shade of pink while I'm running, but as soon as I stop my face turns all shades of red. Trust me, I was a sweaty red mess right after the photo.

My time: 31:31.
No record, but it will be the baseline for any future outdoor runs.

Uh, can anyone tell me how long you have to be in the sun to get sun poisoning?
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