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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back at 197 plus 1 pounds that is. Smh..... I've come to the realization that my body is not, will not going to lose this weight no matter how much I change my eating habits.. I can not nor have I ever gotten out of the 190's in about 10 years. I've been racking my brains since I picked up the weight back in 1990 the year my daughter was born. I gained 15 pounds before I got pregnant (stopped smoking) and then gained 38 pounds while carrying her. In spite of that I still weighed 15 pounds less than I do now. My weight has been going up and up since the early 90's. I remember going on a strict diet back in 2001 using this plan that a co worker gave me. Between it and walking while pushing a heavy 6 seat, kid stroller around the parameter of my job each day I was able to lose about 30 pounds but I gained it all back plus an additional 5-6 more once I stopped following the diet.
I feel that without exercise, regular exercise and a large amount of it l just won't be able to get this weight off. I feel like my body is in an all out rebellion to hold on to what it's accustomed to having, this extra 50 plus pounds of weight. That it is telling me I'm not going to let this weight go, no matter how much you try to change your eating habits(and change is what I have done) I have concentrated for the last 5 or so years on changing what I eat. It started with eating whole grains and less fried and little fast food to now eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out coffee and now gluten (which my body can't tolerate, just found this out this year). In spite of this my weigh continues to fluctuate 5 to 9 pounds and has done so for many years. I guess the only thing that is going to help me is exercise exercise, exercise and lots of it. My fear is that it will have to consume me in order to 1. be effective and 2. stay effective if and when I reach a weight that I am comfortable with. O well enough of my rant......
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    I know that feeling only too well. Well except that I didn't have any pregnancies to help me get there. I always tell persons I don't need to get pregnant, I already have the belly and the stretch marks. LOL

    Katrinakraut is right that that you shouldn't focus on the weight focus on your health - the right foods, exercise, vitamins, water and reduce stress levels. Enjoy the process and the weight will come off. You are GF but you have to make sure that you go fully GF. There are so many hidden sources of gluten. Also when you first go GF and the colon gets a chance to heal you may gain a few pounds as your body is finally able to absorb the nutrients. Don't let that worry you. That is a positive thing as your digestive systems rebalances your body will work better.

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    1836 days ago
    Sounds almost like me. I have to include exercise into my regimen to get results. As little as 30-45 minutes a day helps. I agree with the others, and perhaps adding some form of excercising to your routine. I think it's possible to accomplish anything and I believe you can defeat those 5-9#s. Hang in there
    1855 days ago
    KATRINAKAUT I admit I don't drink enough water, and I have a new Doctor but I've only seen her once so I haven't discussed my weight issue with her yet. I am scheduled to have blood work done in March then follow up with her however she only ordered it to monitor my cholesterol levels since I am taking meds for that. I told my former Doctor some years ago that I wanted to have my thyroid checked(my daughter has hyperthyroidism) but she was very dismissive said I didn't have the symptoms to warrant a test- see why she's no longer my Doctor. I guess overall I do feel pretty good physically, besides the common aches and pains of getting older but I hate that my stamina is out of sync and that's largely because I am out of shape. Thanks for commenting on my blog I will keep these thoughts in mind and mention this to my Doctor.
    1861 days ago
    Take the issue off of the weight and focus ion the health and fueling your body. Are you getting enough vegetables? fruit? water? sounds like you have been making an effort on that front. So even if you are not losing the weight you want, if you were to examine your blood and your organs, you would find that you are making a big difference in your health. What does your Doctor say? Have they checked your thyroid and done a basic blood lab?
    1861 days ago
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