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Secret Power of Awesome

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentineís Day! Hope youíre putting a smile on someoneís face, starting with your own. Thought Iíd take you on another morning walk, because I had something that seemed appropriate to share today. I want to share the Secret Power of Awesome. Itís been the most instrumental tool in my SparkJourney. Really. This one thing has been huge, in changing the way I think about myself and others. Iíll go ahead and spill it, in case you donít have time to watch the vlog right now (I know it's a little long).

A year and a half ago, I made myself one rule: Iím not allowed to say anything bad about myself. No matter what, no negative self-talk can pass these lips. At all. Ever. Wow, that was a really hard rule to follow at first!! I had slipped into a terrible habit of self-bashing and it wasnít pretty. Plus, it was counter-productive. It never helped me achieve any of my goals and Iím pretty sure it made people around me uncomfortable. Not good. So, I made the rule and I worked and worked at keeping it. Eventually, it led to other things, like a whole new way of thinking. It gave me confidence and helped me re-discover my naturally sunny disposition.

It seems like such a simple thing, but I canít stress enough, the positive impact itís had on my life. It absolutely makes the weight loss journey better. When the scale moves up instead of down, when I get frustrated, I donít take it on myself anymore. And that keeps me moving forward, instead of giving up. There really is power in a little self-love, without being narcissistic. That one, simple rule gave me the Secret Power of Awesome.

If this is a problem area for you, why not try this? You can be stealthy, like I was, and not tell anybody. Just see if they notice. Or, maybe you can get some friends/family to help hold you accountable. You have nothing to lose and itís not going to hurt to try. Just give yourself time; it might take a lot of practice. If you do try and it works for you, let me know, okay? Iíd love to cheer you on, because guess what? Youíre pretty awesome. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, from Chubbs and Pudding
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