Three Things: 2/14/13

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Intro: I have too much stuff, especially pounds. I think they're related. The solution to one definitely teaches me about the other.


1. The little pink piece of paper? You can't see it, but written on the paper is the address of my daughter's first dorm room and her school email address. In her handwriting. It's over 3 years old.
Have you ever had to answer an online identity question where you're shown 3 or 4 addresses and you have to choose the one where you've lived before? And sometimes you go, I'm not sure I remember ANY of these?
(Uh... or not. That could just be me.)
But I bet it's like my daughter and she's a lot younger.
I must be deranged: this is half-step above keeping trash and more like tripping up the stairs and and falling above keeping trash. Still, it was hard to throw it away. I hated throwing it away. But I threw it away.
She has MOVED OUT.
She has MOVED ON.
She has NOT moved out of my life.
I know, because I still wind up buying her groceries every week or so, even as she snaps at me, is impatient with me, and never seeks out my company.
Pretty much the same thing I did when I was her age.
When I was young I swore I would never be a mom and my own mother just nodded and never contradicted me - I'm sure she was already dreaming of a mother's "I told you so," moments. She knew better.
She missed me.
And I miss my daughter.
Maybe I need to buy her some more groceries and seek out her special brand of exasperation, then reclaim her bedroom. THAT "Three Things" project would be more like, "Three Trash Bags" (per day). Get over this empty nest thing.

Result? Did I mention I threw it away? And am moving on?

2. Altoids Mini Tin. They're just so darned useful, aren't they? The promise of utility in a smartly designed breath-freshening little wonder-canister.

Result? Repurposed: ever go to work and remember you forgot your medication? I stocked a day's worth of meds (including vitamins) in the tin and tucked it in my purse.

3. Shredded green packing paper. This is my favorite. I bought this because I always wanted to be a creative gift-wrapper. The reality is that I have paper, trinkets, ribbon, etc. stashed all over the place for lack of a semi-permanent wrapping storage box or area (daughter's room? Heh heh heh...) but seldom get it together to wrap the way I want to. However, in a recent post or two, a Sparkfriend expressed that she would like to have two items that I'd put in my donations box. Surprise! When I ship them tomorrow, they will be packaged in this tasteful and biodegradable packing material. I kind of like how this all came full circle, a little zen moment.

Keeper of the Day:

My son made this little clay robin when he was 4 or 5. You may suspect that I've kept every single thing my kids have ever created - and based on my keeping addresses scribbled on post-it notes for three years you'd have great Vegas odds- but thankfully, you are wrong. This, though, charms me, and it's so tiny it fits right into my jewelry box.

"I have a Keurig coffee maker, which is really kind of a luxury. It was given to me by an ex. I realized when I'm feeling sentimental, I'll gently, tenderly press the button. Then when I remember he dumped me, I punch it." ~Mo Rocca

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Please, not the crafts box! I don't care that I haven't touched it in the three years I have been here, and they take up an inordinate amount of room, I really plan on doing something with all those nifty things....bead key chain maker, more macrame cord than I can hide, even a paint by number that most likely is harboring teeny tiny dried up paint containers...ummm....yeah.
    The keeper is so sweet. There are some things that just need to be kept. You won't have those come again...unless future grandbabies take a notion.
    Have a super Valentine's Day! I came into work and on the kitchenette table was six of the most lovely variety of cupcakes, leaning toward the decadent, but I am very sure that God isn't going to look away for a few and not notice the frosting ring around my lips....where did THAT come from?? emoticon
    1856 days ago
    What a good project! Thanks for sharing!
    1857 days ago
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