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Wednesday 2/13/13

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday 2/13/13

Been a long day, but basically a good one.

Just have not felt right for about 2-3 days.
Maybe the stress (although I don't really
feel stressed) having to be responsible
for 4 other lives. Maybe that is it?

Older boys had classes for Heat. Took the 2
younger to the mall. They got to Bungie jump,
they loved that. THen went to their favorite
stores. Brayden likes Dicks Sporting Goods and
Brianna Likes Claires.. {of course}.

They shared a cup of Auntie Ann's pretzels &
a slurpee. Then home for lunch.
They are at Awana now and I'll pick the 2 younger
ones up at 8:15 and we'll go to McDonalds or Wendy's.
The 2 older are going out with the youth. They also
went to someone's house for dinner with the teens,
before church.

So it's been a busy day. Tires me out. Well, I'm gonna
maybe go walk at Wal-mart for a bit, but don't feel that
well, maybe just meander around?

Take it easy, have a great week. I am pretty sure I am on
track for my calories, just not my exercise.

Starting next week back to the gym most every day and walking
every day. I know it's probably good I'm taking a few days rest.

They have a BIG dog, that I love throwing the ball for. SHe would
do it 24/7 if you let her. But we do a little at a time as she

It was over 82 degrees here today! Real Heat Wave for Dead Winter.

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