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Good grief I am tired

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm the kind of tired that makes your muscles ache just from keeping you upright. I'm still going to go for my run though, once my food has gone down a bit. Then I will probably fall straight in to bed.
Maybe after a shower...

I'm going to sum up my Falling For Fitness journey when I feel more able to form coherent sentences. My brain is in bed right now, try tomorrow.

I have, however, set a goal that is outside my comfort zone and sorted a plan for getting there.
My distance is 5K, that's what I do. Sometimes less but only once ever more. Because 5K is hard and I get sweaty and out of breath and my muscles hurt and it's hard. I've still never yet run a whole 5 without taking at least one walking break.

So, 10K is just beyond my comprehension. It's completely ridiculous to even consider it! But I'm going to. I'm going to sign up for a proper 10K race that you have to pay for, that will be my motivation. And to prepare I'm going to download the 5K to 10K podcasts for my ipod and do a whole bunch of research on eating for running. As it is I just eat a banana and I'm on my way. I imagine longer distances take a bit more thought.

So there we go. My ridiculous, miles out of my comfort zone, hopefully (probably) achievable goal.
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