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Sewing and Other Fun Topics

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bunny and her new doggie couture
Well Nan is bored to say the day is sleep in till 7 or 8ish...get up make Richards breakfast/lunch and when he is gone...well I have the entire day to do what I want...well would like to be doing my aqua fit class but that is not gonna happen until my wound and stitches are healed...hopefully this next week I can get the ok to go back and jump in the pool...In the meantime I am sidelined...

I have been getting up and painting for the Lord...I love that. Yesterday Richard and I took down the pack and play which Jaren used to sleep in, but now he is sleeping in Richards
"Big Bed" emoticon So since that is gone I have my sewing room back! I spent the day organizing it...Then I did some sewing! Yes so nice to be able to have my room to create.

In Nan's world Dionna my baby girl that turned 29 Feb. in the process of moving out of her rental house mom has been helping her pack. After my figure drawing class I texted her to tell her I was at the Art Studio ( two blocks from where she lives) and that if she needed help I would drop by..well she was having a major melt down crying and said YES come over! We spent the day packing, getting boxes and lunch... When I left she was going to take a nap...wiped out from crying. She wanted this breakup after 5 years with her boyfriend, but at the same time dismantling her life from his is hard...poor kid...been there done that. She is now looking for an apartment in downtown Seattle...Mom is a bit nervous her being far away and in the city...not a safe place for a single gal...But hey she is 29 and makes her own decisions. Pray for my daughter that she finds the perfect and safe place.

On the weight loss agenda...I have been taking liberties a I have only an 11lb loss. But Sat. I blew it...We stayed for Oneg...(potluck at our Shabbat services and I ate lots plus dessert...then I took Richard out to CI Shinnanigans on the waterfront for a early Valentines Day celebration...also ate sweets...Then lunch out with Dionna Sunday for her birthday gift at the mall...Then lunch out with Dionna Monday....Tues I was kinda back on track, but not 100%
But 11 lbs is still good....Just need to focus more.

Well that be all I can think of as of now....Oh yes Richard did get a new TV...Nan is NOT a fan of TV or TV noise...I like my worship music...So yesterday we had an intense meeting on TV ground rules that is a win for me and a win for Richard. So glad we can communicate our needs and come up with a workable plan that honors both of us...I love Richard. emoticon

Love you sparkies Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones....xoxox
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