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The Morning 10K and Training for Life

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

After a rather roller-coaster end of 2012, 2013 is ramping up to be a another year of changes, activity and keeping an even keel. It must look like I have no control in life, but truthfully it isn't just me -- I live with (and love) an adventurer who thrives on adding frenetic activity to everyday life as a means of feeling alive and productive. The only problem is, we end up with 15 projects all needing to be done NOW. So since hubby's work layoff in December he has decided to finish his master's degree, take on some handyman construction jobs, remodel/fix up our house for sale so we can remodel/fix up the house across the street. We are downsizing and trying to get in a better financial position and it will be a good move, but it's going to be alot of work and take ALOT of patience -- on my part.

After 27 moves and numerous remodels over 37 years of marriage, I am indeed a veteran of transition. But the house we are currently in has been home for 10 years and we have NEVER -- let me repeat that -- NEVER been in a place longer than 3.3 years. After moving so much, it is easy to understand why I have wanted to do a major purge lately and this move across the street will help do that, but I thought we had more time. But no, remember I live with the "adventurer" that likes adrenaline pushes and this man is currently without employment, so he sees every little task and project as a work deadline needing to be met. Currently, I have two bathrooms in total disarray, a kitchen full of boxes of items to sell and various boxes around the house full of things to go in storage. Then he says excitedly, "Oh yea, the family next door might be interested in our house and want to view it Saturday." So now it has to be show ready real quick :) What a man!

On top of the in-home dynamics, we leave for some work in Asia for nearly 3 weeks in 5 days. It might be a nice change of pace, but getting ready for that trip is being done in bits and pieces in corners of the house without dust. But yesterday before I left work when I stepped over a pile of construction debris in the hall, I let it all get to me and lost it. "Why do we have to try and do 15 things at once -- remodel, plan a trip, work, pack, move, have people over for dinner, show the house -- why can't we just work on one thing at a time?" I ranted at my poor hard-working husband. In my mind, I had just come off a very stressful time and now we were arranging life to be just as stressful and complicated. Self-pity's cape had turned me into a super-horror (not hero) that threatened to hurt and harm my poor well-meaning husband.

I tell you all this for two reasons:

1) Learning to run again - I made a commitment earlier this year to run a 5K once a week and time it. This was an effort to practice running without walking. I have become so used to taking walk breaks when I run that I think I have forgotten how it feels to run continuously. I also made the committment to run a 10K twice a month. This morning I did the 10K for the first time. IT WAS HARD! But it was a start. So I am learning and training to run again.

2) Training to run again is alot like training for life - As I was running my 10K this morning, I thought about how much I push myself to learn to do things better. Then I thought of hubby, trying to find meaning, purpose, fulfillment and continuing to better our life as he pushes to earn a little money, finish school, put labor into our house so we can get the most out of it, all so we can have a nicer living space across the street. Yes, it is going to be uncomfortable and a bit crazy as we attempt to store our stuff and pick a few things so we can live simply during the remodel. Yes, there will be days when I won't like it, when endurance and stamina run thin, and I want to give up. But really, doing another move and remodel isn't all that different than my training for a marathon. And both of these are very much like learning to live life well.

So this morning, I did a little "life training" like my 10K run - I leaned over to hubby as I headed out the door and thanked him for all he was doing. As I tried not to see the clutter near the remodeling going on in the bathroom (IT WAS HARD!) I kissed hubby and headed out the door. It was a start and I couldn't help think that I wouldn't be as productive as he is if I had just lost my job!

Just some random thoughts as I struggle through the early months of this year.

Oh and I found out yesterday that my cholesterol is not borderline high anymore -- it is high. I have to retest in 3 months and if it isn't down then it's time to medicate the problem. Not so excited about that. If I needed motivation to do all the things I know I SHOULD do, including lose weight, I now I have it.

Blessings friends!

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
CARLANNIE 2/14/2013 9:36AM

    Life gets in our way, doesn't it! Oh, well.

I loved your post. Not the part about your stresses and challenges, but the part I read into that we all do what we have to do, yell once in awhile, and then march forward. What else can we do?

And your part about the cholesterol sounds just like me. Except I didn't go back in three months for a recheck - it was right before Christmas and I just didn't want to be annoyed with a dismal outcome. But now I read about you, and I think maybe I really should go back. In thinking about this just now, I think that if I give myself another 3 months, I will have it rechecked then. I have been remotivated to live more healthily, i.e., eat well, eat light and exercise daily. If that doesn't work, then I guess I need to go the medication route.

Good luck with the showing this weekend. We are having an Open House today, and I have a strange feeling that maybe we'll get it under contract this weekend. Probably only wishful thinking, but I can dream, right?

Let us know how things are going before you head off on your big trip. emoticon

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    What a great blog! I would be a crazy lady! I love the patience that you are choosing to have with your hubby. You are definitely an inspiration, I seek to choose better ways to react in my relationships too.
Running is such a lesson in all areas of our lives. Thank you!

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CATREBEL 2/13/2013 4:39PM

    Oh WOW! You do continue to have a lot of stress in your life. I can understand about your husband. When my husband was laid off two years ago it was really important to him to get up at the same time in the morning as he did when he was working. He would then work around the house or run errands for us so that he would stay busy. Fortunately we didn't have a reason to remodel since we built our house just 9 years ago. Yes, he was very down about losing his job but staying busy really helped him.

That is great that you are running again and have a goal to work towards. I really hope it helps with the cholesterol.

I hope you have a good working trip to Asia.

emoticon emoticon

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BLESSED2BEME 2/13/2013 1:07PM

    WoW! That is a mouthful. Stress with just a bit of life in between.

I sure like how you turned in around in to 'life training' though. When my DH was laid off last summer, he became extremely depressed. Nothing got done around the house. It was very difficult to understand his pouting, etc when all I wanted to do was yell at him for being lazy. I'm not sure whether that or what your husband has been putting you through is worse. Guess both ends of the spectrum are bittersweet.

I'm glad you are running again. That will help you balance your stress level a bit and also help with the cholesterol.

You are in my prayers Annette, as always but I'll throw a special request in there for a bit more peaceful existance while you navigate all this stuff.

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