What a surprise!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, I walked to work again yesterday. It was a much more pleasant walk, as there was barely any wind. I probably didn't burn as many calories though without the extra resistance, lol.

So, Monday, I got paid. I never look at my paystub. I went to the bank and deposited the check. I know how much it was but where the taxes go... I only look at that at the end of the year emoticon .

I occassionally work until 6:30 when the evening girl is working her other job. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, I just stay. It's no problem. Last night, I worked til 6:30.

As we were closing for the night, my boss (the owner) told me that she appreciated me being able to just stay. I assured her that it was no problem. She told me, that's why she gave me a raise. emoticon emoticon emoticon Ok, I never look at my paystub, so I did not know this.

So when I got home, I looked at my paystub. Yep, there was a raise on my 3rd payday. emoticon OMG, she probably thinks that I am unappreciative.

I did tell her last night that I appreciated her giving me a chance to show her that I could do the job since I had no previous experience. She then told me that she could not tell that I had no experience. I replied that I tend to be a "bossy broad", lol. She said that she needs someone like me that she doesn't have to tell them what to do and can make judgement calls. emoticon

So, I guess, this just stroked my ego... too bad this is only a seasonal job. I really like what I do. I stay busy and it can be challenging. I love to be challenged.

Ok, so everyone, have a great day. I intend to! emoticon
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