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RE: I'm Back Again, After An 11, Day Break (, Friday 1st February, 2013 - Wednesday, 13th Februar

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RE: I'm back again, after an 11, day break (, Friday 1st february, 2013 - Wednesday, 13th February 2013,) i can, honestly say that, i have missed, you guys n, gals (my, online spark family,) loads & loads, i have thought, about you all, wondering how you, all are etc, etc etc etc, hoping that you, are all keeping, safe & well, & coping with, the weather etc, etc etc etc.

I have been, busy trying to, sort out/, tidy up/, & re-organise, my luvly luvly, Flat (which, takes sum doing, i tell ya, !!!! !!!! !!!!), lol lol lol, plus i have, also had to, cope with a, very awkward situation, 2 my 'Single, Bed' that i, currently sleep in, (on my own,) !!!! !!!! !!!!, lol lol lol, has slowly broken, again (1, bar broke on, it last Summer,) !!!! !!!!, !!!! !!!! !!!!, lol lol lol.

A 2nd bar, broke on it, last Tuesday Nite, & the 3rd, bar broke on, it last Wednesday, Morning so when, ever i sleep, on it now, there is a, big dip/, (gap) in it, which does not, do my ongoing,(Back Problem), any goood what, so ever!!!!, lol lol lol, TBC TBC TBC TBC emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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