No one can get through to dad like I can, he has pneumonia again

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I went to visit my dad today, the pain wasn't as bad as it's been cause the weather warmed up a bit and I even did my hair and put make-up on today which made me feel a little bit better about myself.
My dad looked great so I was shocked to hear he has pneumonia with him looking so good , talking and joking around as he was when we walked in. He was all smiles when he saw us and well he just adores my son.
My brother was there and told me he has pneumonia so my dad said why don't you talk to the nurse (he didn't tell that to my brother because I knows I'm the one that honestly really cares about him, seriously) I asked if he had any fluid and I asked about a med they gave him in his breathing treatment (he said it burnt his nose and throat so he refused the treatments, because he didn't like the new med).
They put him on an inhaler because he didn't want the new med in the nebuelizer , I asked her what the med was and she said there was no record of it (they had also given him 6 treatments in one day and he usually gets only 4...
He said he'd only take the old med in the breathing treatment and I said well that means your going to take it right? cause it's better then an inhaler ( I know I use to be rushed to the hospital for breathing treatments for my asthma , yes I have that too hahaha).
He said he'd take the breathing treatment as long as it wasn't that other med , so I got him back on the treatments (my brother didn't even try to get him to take it) my dad told my husband yesterday when I was hurting that he just refused it cause it burnt him and that he wanted to talk to the doctor... See my dad does his breathing treatments at home , so he's never really refused them before , I think they got confused.
Then I had to tell my dad he needs to use the bi pap especially since he has pneumonia again, so he said he'd put it on for at least an hour or so (hey it's better then nothing).
The nurse made sure she got orders again for the breathing treatment cause they had been canceled and she said see your daughter came and fixed you hahahaha.
She said nothing like a father and daughter and he had a big smile on his face, well he knows I have his back , I didn't start caring when he went to the hospital like the others and put on a concerned face now that there are people watching.
I'm hoping the pneumonia gets better soon, he's doing good in therapy I'm really proud of him and I made sure I told him that when I saw him.
He gave my son a big hug and told him he loves him and he's proud of him, he knows my son would do anything for him.
My niece hasn't been to see my dad since he went into any of the rehabs and only my brother has said she went to see him and that was when my dad was supposedly on the respirator (how convenient, she's 32 yrs old and doesn't even care to visit her own grandfather, apple doesn't fall far from the tree) my dad is so hurt by her not visiting him, but he said I'm not going to kiss her a$$ and I don't blame him.
Thanks to all of you that have prayed for my father, your well wishes are greatly appreciated! emoticon
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