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Turn that Frown Upside Down - all day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't get out of bed. I was sluggish, didn't feel like starting my day, but then I did, and was well paid for it.

No, not in cash, but in kind. It was a classic "turn that frown upside down" kind of day. For example, all I wanted to do was eat all day. I was actually hungry. I had eaten my breakfast, my mid-morning snack, part of my lunch, and an unplanned extra snack by 10:30. (The unplanned snack was coffee that I had with 2% milk and sugar. It hit the spot, but interesting fact: I generally don't like sugar in my coffee. Hmm.)

I was very tempted to go get something else but I didn't do it. Frown turned around.

Then, late this morning, I ended up doing a project for my boss. As snotty as this is going to sound, the poor soul just wasn't doing it right, and I helped him out. Gladly. I worked through lunch because I couldn't take myself away from that project. I really, really, REALLY enjoyed it. And he was so happy with what I'd done that he told his boss about it, and then she told HER boss... I mean, it wasn't THAT big of a deal, and neither women in upper management had actually SEEN the document I was working on yet. I hope they aren't let down.

Personal triumph, but at the cost of getting away from my desk, giving my eyes and legs a rest from sitting and staring. I had eaten my soup at my desk, but I was still hungry.

But hey - frown upside down! My boss was so pleased and so grateful that I'd worked through lunch that he sent me home at 3:30.

I made it home in pretty good time - only one traffic jam of sorts. And I had extra free time. Here's how my late afternoon went:

1. Got home at 4:45 and was HUNGRY. I ate two bowls of Total cereal, which put me very close to being done with food for the day (I've got my 350 calorie reserve left.) Frown upside down - it is 8 p.m., I'm not over calorie (over carb though) and I'm also not hungry.

2. I changed into clothes I could walk in and be warm and went and got a manicure. I love having manicures and I haven't had one in a long time. My hands were feeling dry and raggedy, so I went to the very cheap place at the end of my block and had one. I bring my own polish (red, natch) and am happy to say that the lady, in spite of her complete lack of English speaking skills, eventually understood what I wanted and gave me a very nice manicure.

3. After taking about 10 minutes to dry, I then went out, sans gloves, and walked the mile and a half to go get Punim from daycare and a mile and a half home. Sure, my hands were cold, but they look fabulous AND I got my steps in today.

And now I'm not hungry, I'm not cold, I'm not over calorie, I have had physical activity, I feel good about the work I did today, and I am sparking.

Sometimes life is just gooooood.
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