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Feb. 12 - OMG!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've been offline since last Thursday and it's SO GOOD to be back!!!

When I was working last Thursday, a young man came through my line to purchase two cat carriers (and they weren't cheap). I learned he had to move and the apartments wouldn't allow the cats so he had to take them to the Humane Society because he couldn't find anyone to take the cats. And he only had till 5pm THAT DAY to move, including the cats. At four and five years old, no one is going to adopt them. So, like the usual idiot that I am, I agreed to take them.

During my break around 1:00, I used the office phone to call Jordan so he would be aware the customer was going to drop the cats off. Was I ever surprised to hear a disconnect message! I called my home phone three times and even had one of the other employees use his own cell phone to call but got the same message every time.

At 3:30, I got lunch so went to the AT&T branch office across the street to find out what had happened, since I was pretty sure I'd already paid the bill. It went downhill from there. They said I owed $277 (which didn't sound right) but I had to have the services turned back on. I will never bundle again because when I lose one, I lose them all: phone, TV and computer....which is why I've not been online since last Thursday.

So the bill paid (I thought) and I went back to work. About an hour before I got off, the customer came back in and said he still wasn't able to call my house as of ten minutes earlier. It never takes hours for the phones to get turned back on, so I knew something was really wrong. I told them to just bring the cats to me when I got off work at 6:45, which they did. The poor cats were in boxes with cut out holes and were a bit terrified. I felt so bad for the man because he had tears in his eyes after he'd put the cats in my car.

It was almost 7 pm before I got back to the AT&T branch office so of course, the main office was closed by that time. Fortunately, they had a number they could call that a regular customer couldn't and I learned that they had applied the payment TO THE WRONG ACCOUNT!!! It was a closed account of mine they had looked up using my phone number. The branch manager told me - in a bit of a "holier than thou" tone, that I should have brought my phone bill with me. Now understand, I'm standing there in my Target uniform, so it's obvious I just got off work. I told him I wasn't in the habit of carrying one around with me.

I was TOLD they would transfer the money to the proper account, then later came back and told me they would probably just reverse the payment and refund the money. The branch manager said he had his doubts that would happen, that even though the other account was in collections, they might keep it. I told him that better not happen.

So I take the cats home, rearrange everything to keep them isolated to give them time to get used to the new environment and got scratched about three times for the effort, but they were scared and that was to be expected. In the meantime, I have no phone, TV or computer. Thank goodness I at least had some movies on DVDs!!!

I had been told to return to the branch office the next day, which I did, and the same young man (very nice) helped me again. (I had actually stood in the place for over 20 minutes and though there were eleven sales reps NOT ONE acknowledged me. Really added to my irritation.)

Once the same young man who had helped me the night before got into work, he immediately got on the phone to try to straighten out my problem. He was told that the payment would have to be reversed - which was fine. Then they did a tech check and concluded my modem needed to be replace. So, I was told the main office would be shipping out a new one by UPS for overnight and I would have it the next day. I actually had Saturday off so I'm thinking two days without services - I can handle that.

In the meantime, I had Bunco Friday night and everyone was freaking out because no one could get a hold of me - not my Mom (I had gone over to her house to use my sister's computer), nor my other sister who was having the Bunco, nor my daughter who had news to share and my late boss' widow, who rides with me to Bunco. I ended up driving by Maggie's house and leaving her a note that I would be by to pick her up and would explain what was going on while driving to Bunco.

Saturday arrives and I'm anxious to get the new modem. I waited....and waited....and waited....but the package never came. With Sunday the next day, I knew there would be no shipment to my house so I figured probably UPS got overbooked and was unable to deliver the package. At this point, there's nothing I could do anyway, but I was pretty sure when I got off work the next day around 3 pm, it would be on my doorstep. And as I was driving home, I saw a UPS truck a couple of streets away from my house, so was relieved figuring I would be able to get my services back on same day.

I let the dogs out when I got home, fed the cats....and waited...and waited. Finally, as time got close to 5 pm, I went to a neighbor and used her phone to call AT&T. I was told there was no note to send out a new modem overnight but was scheduled to get it on the 14th! Really?!!! So this is the third or fourth agent that's been dealt with on this matter and by now, I am starting to get really ticked off. So I asked in a calm voice "When does my contract run out?" He said he would look into it and put me on hold. And I waited...and waited...and waited...at least twenty minutes. Now, I don't work for the phone company but I know it only takes a minute or two to look that up on their computer because I've gone through it before. At first, I thought maybe he went to speak with a supervisor to let someone know they had an unhappy customer on the phone but after so long, I knew I had been "hung up" on, especially since there was no "music" either.

Okay, now I'm REALLY mad. I drove up to the branch office to speak with them AGAIN. The initial rep wasn't there but another young man remembered the chain of events from last Thursday and Friday and he got on the phone himself. He was told I wasn't scheduled to get my modem till the 18th!!! (Doesn't this just get better and better? emoticon In the end, AT&T said a tech rep would be at my house THE NEXT MORNING!!! To personally deliver the modem and assure everything was working properly. Of course, in the meantime, the one show that doesn't do re-runs has already played so I'll never see that one!!!

I had an appointment to take one of the cats (one of the kittens I kept from the last litter) to get him neutered and had to be there between 8 am and 9 am. Since it is the county's facilities, it isn't close. Luckily, Jordan had the day off so I let him know to listen for the door.

I had a hard time catching the cat because he's a bit skiddish. He'll come to me eventually but he's not my friendliest cat. I was unable to catch him by 10 pm, so I cornered him into my room and though I meant to clean before going to bed, I was so exhausted, I fell asleep.

So, this morning bright and early, I take the cat to the vet and AS SOON as I drove up to my driveway, here comes the tech guy! Talk about timing!!! I didn't get the cleaning I wanted done before he arrived (with my number of animals, it's constant) but he was very nice and didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, he absolutely loved Jordan's new "puppy", which, by the way, at fifteen weeks old is now 42 lbs.!!!

The rep couldn't get any connection with the phone line inside so he checked the outside box. No connection. He then located the main power cable that is in every neighborhood, which just happens to be one house over behind us....who had just had a new fence put in. Turns out, the numb-nuts who installed the fence CUT the phone line!!! Nice.

So a new line was installed, I am now up and running, and am about to head over to the neighbor's house to let them know that not only did their guys mess up but they took away a portion of my yard by extending THEIR fence about a foot beyond the line and having to use another small section of boards to board up the hole.

What an exciting weekend!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How crazy can things be? I am so sorry you had to go through all this. And to happen to such a nice person... this was so generous of you to rescue these cats!
    Take care! emoticon
    1834 days ago
  • JANET552
    OMG is right. Holy cow you've put up with a lot of you-know-what. I hope life gets a bit calmer. I think I would have eaten my way through the grocery store if I had to handle all you did.

    You are so kind to take those cats in!! I hope they adjust quickly.

    Good luck!
    1834 days ago
    You are such a kind soul. To take those cats is wonderful.
    The major frustration with AT&T is awful. I'm glad you followed through and in the end received what was rightfully straight. They better get your bill in line. Make sure you check out your next bill thoroughly for billing. The numb-nuts who installed the fence and cut the phone line are responsible for this problem and make sure you are not held accountable.

    In my town there is an ordinance that fences, trees, sheds, bushes, etc., need to be 15 feet off the lot line. Check your town or city ordinance. Your neighbor is way out of line extending his fence about a foot beyond the lot line. If this goes on for a certain number of years depending on your city or town's ordinance, this cannot be remedied and becomes part of their property. I'm sorry, another frustration to take care of.

    Hang in there. Hopefully, these problems will go away. Please check on that fence issue going into your lot. It is a major deal.

    emoticon emoticon
    1835 days ago
    Wow! What a nightmare! I'm so sorry! I have AT&T also, and last week my internet went out, so I went to call, and of course my phone didn't work either, and then I noticed the tv wasn't working either! Luckily, I didn't have to go through what you did, by the time I found a phone to use to call them, my services were back on:)
    1835 days ago
    1835 days ago
    When it rains, it pours at your house. What a crazy
    week this has been. I am not sure if I would have
    handled that whole stiuation as well as you did.
    But you are so sweet to help that man save those
    cats. HUGS!
    1835 days ago
    emoticon Yup, ATT sucks real bad on all services. Sorry you have them.
    1835 days ago
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