Amazing what a Little Exercise Can Do

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So, I woke up feeling really kind of "bleh". I wouldn't say depressed. Just not "feeling it". I really don't even know why. I mean scale didn't move from YESTERDAY (lol), so it wasn't that. I got a good nights sleep. I had pleasant dreams. I have Karaoke to look forward to on Friday. It might have SOMETHING to do with Valentine's Day (boo) coming up and I don't have a date. I will probably be staying up snuggled up with a black dog and reading a book in my jammies, but I am okay with that. I just was kind of punk. But, I was not going to let it get to me. I got into my exercise clothes and went down to the gym. I jumped on the treadmill, I did my Body Pump and CXWorks, and I psychologically geared up to do C25K week FOUR day 1.

I always read what I am suppose to do for the program before I start it. This week really had me nervous. It is 5 minute warm up. 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, FIVE MINUTES RUNNING, 2.5 minutes walking, 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, FIVE MINUTES RUNNING and then cool down. That FIVE MINUTES RUNNING just got me all in a tizzy. I didn't think I would be able to do it. I was planning on just doing week 3 again, and again, and again until I felt ready. I told myself, no, that I promised to try new things an push myself. I did not let the fear get to me. I figured I could at least give it a go. So, started out, when it told me to run, I jogged real slow. It was a slow go, but I DID IT!!! I finished it!!!!! I completed week four day 1 and I LOVED IT. I was tired. I was panting, but I am no longer depressed. WOOHOO!!!!


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