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Ugh Kinda Day!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5:30am my alarm goes off. NOOOO!!! I'm tired & I can already feel my arms & upper body are sore. It's swimming day & I don't wanna go!! pout pout!! I laid there for 15 minutes & decide ugh...just go. Besides if I don't go, I know all day I'll be thinking...I shoulda went. So I made a deal with myself...just go & do 500m.

So I got up & decided to weigh myself...WHAT WAS I THINKING??? It went up 4 pounds from last week. WTH!!! Ugh! Yeah now I REALLY WANT to put on my bathing suit. pout pout! But I sucked it up & put my poor swimsuit on.

I get to the pool & it's busy!! So I waited to ask if I could share the lane & started swimming. On a positive note..months ago, having to ask if I could share a lane would have terrified me. Now it's no biggie, so that's a positive.

I decided I was gonna take it easy since I did alot yesterday (H*ll class, 6km run & 1km walk). So decided on 50m with 20 sec breaks. 400m in my arm started tweaking out. It was sore in class yesterday half way though my last circut. Now I feel it in the same spot whenever I bring my arm out of the water. I swam a few more laps & decided it's time to finish up. So I swam 100m with the board for cool down & decided to try 1 more lap without it. Nope it's sore, so I wrapped it up. No point in continuing & really hurting myself. So not a great workout..but at least I tried.

Today was my first physio for my left hip. I've been having issues with tightness & soreness for, well when I think about it...probably years. I felt weird going because it isn't anything MAJOR. But the foot doctor insisted I go as he said my hip was tight & I needed help with stretches.

So she went though everything & it turns out my left butt muscle is weak. Oh & she doesn't like how I walk. I asked if this is why my leg & ankle get sore/fatigue fast. Yup!! She taught me how I need to walk & gave me a couple of exercises to do everyday to strengthen the butt muscle. Ugh! She told me that by doing these exercises it will help with my running. Well, when you put it that way...WooHoo!!

The only bummer about the appointment...from all the moving around, poking, stretching & such..I've had a cramp on the side of my left butt cheek ALL day. It's literally a pain in my butt sitting here. Ugh.

The positive of the day...after seeing my weight (which I'm wondering is because I had more sodium than usual yesterday). I decided I need something super heathly for lunch. No sodium..so I made up a salad with peppers, cucumber & quioa. I made a HUGE bowl, so when I get home late I have something ready if I'm famished. That's a big step for me because before I would have said screw it & ate crap food thinking why bother.

In the end...even though I'm having an ugh kinda day. It's alright because tomorrow I can look back at 2 huge positives. I still went/tried swimming & I didn't let the scale win.
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    emoticon That is great that you still went swimming. And, you were smart to stop when your arm started hurting. I hope it feels better. I also hope that your butt muscle is feeling better. I have a feeling I walk wrong too. My feet turn out when I walk. I wonder if there are exercises I could do to help it? Interesting.
    1793 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    1798 days ago
    Sodium will fluctuate my weight up to 6 lbs! So beat. Kuddos on sharing lane AND I love "at least I tried"...that's really all that matters! Good for you!! I agree with Crysbrwm...day of perseverance & u prevailed!
    1801 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2013 7:31:05 PM
    Ms. Butterfly - although you had your challenges I would say to say that you were productive! You got out there swimming even though you were sore, especially after your workout yesterday, that right there shows dedication! Then to take the steps to find out what is going on with a nagging injury is great - although it was not the best news that you wanted to hear at least they were able to tell you how to FIX it and hopefully this will improve your running too! Glad that you did not let the scale numbers disappoint you, honestly 4lbs in water weight could be the difference in weighing yourself from morning until night. You KNOW that you are doing the right things so your body IS going to respond. Glad though that it made you prepare healthier options - you see, you turned that negative feeling into something positive!!

    I would say instead of an UGH day...it was more of a day of PERSEVERANCE emoticon
    1801 days ago
    "I decided I was gonna take it easy since I did alot yesterday (H*ll class, 6km run & 1km walk)"

    Sounds like you are working really hard, to the point that your body may be in recovery-- such that you are gaining muscle and that the muscles you are working so hard may be retaining water and swelling due to their need for repair.

    Weighing yourself on a regular basis is a sure fire way to see gains, and then losses, and then gains and then losses, ad nauseum. It's especially frustrating after a good hard workout to see a gain the next day-- makes it feel like all that work was for nothing!!

    For this reason, when I have the choice, I only weigh in once a month. (I'm doing weekly right now because I'm part of a team that requires it.) It's not a guarantee to see loss, but it's hella more likely than week to week, where a TOM, salty snack day, uber workout, illness, or stupid stressy work week can F*ck up the number on the scale.

    Also, as an aside: being a pain in your own @ss is way better than having to deal with other pains in the @ss, IMHO. You can tell yourself to effing shut up without getting in trouble with others at work...
    1801 days ago
    1801 days ago
    You're a strong woman, you can do this!
    1801 days ago
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