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Get In Control

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I have been eating on the high end of calorie wise and need to get in control. I have not binged in 14 days, trying for a streak of 21 days. But I have been eating some things that were high calorie and have gained back 1.4 pounds. One of the things I like to do is go out to eat and that can be high calorie at times. I love hamburgers and like to go out to eat one once a month. I bought some pre made patties but when I cooked one up it was mostly all fat. So I bought a pound of lean ground beef and am going to make my owen patties.

I love chicken and it is a treat when some one else cooks it and was going to this restaurant and having teriyaki chicken with white rice and cabbage. They give you a large serving and I was eating the whole thing in one setting. I knew I had to do some thing about this so I went to the supermarket and got a whole chicken already cooked. I brought this home and shared it with my Hubby. Since I was at home I could use my scale to portion out a reasonable serving.

I love a salty snacks in the afternoon and had bought some chips on sale. I was measuring them out and having one or two serving, but I was having more then two servings in a day. So I got some lightly salted nuts and eat 2 oz for my afternoon snack. They feel me up and I don't want to eat more then one serving.

I have a sweet tooth and had gotten in to the habit of eating some type of candy every day. Last week I bought several pounds of pears and I am finding out as they ripen that they are very sweet and cost less then candy bars.

I read today some thing that I want to share "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows". I am taking control of my eating starting right now!!!

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