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I have the bestest Mum in the whole wide world

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We live on the same continent. In the same Kingdom if not country. But sometimes it feels like my Mum is a million miles away, not just 250. So it was lovely lovely to be able to see her today.
They let me leave work an hour early so we had time to wander around a bookshop and a funny shop that sells so many unrelated but wonderful things (dried spices next to make-up...) where Mum bought me some bright green candles.

Then we went to our favourite tea shop; the Butterfly and Pig. I have eaten seriously low cal today because the B+P do SUCH wonderful cakes it's impossible to say no. They had banana caramel, pistachio, coffee, lemon and poppy seed, red wine and plum, coconut and malibu, carrot, raspberry and peach and zucchini cake to choose from. I had sea bass with chips and salad for my main meal, and a big slice of coconut and malibu cake for dessert, but I am still within my ranges! 1g under for fat actually. So proud :D

Then we had about 45 mins to chat before Mum had to go and catch her train. Mum is the only person in the world, friend or family, with whom I can completely relax and just talk and it felt so good to talk with her. But it also made me a bit sad because things are tough for her since my Grandma (her Mum) died and I hate that I'm not there to help her and give her hugs when she needs them. I'm going to start phoning and writing to her more.

Then we walked to the train station, Mum gave me some money to get a taxi home and a holdall of things she had brought up with her to give to me.

Thankfully I've now got to the point where I can wave people off on the train without crying.

When I got home, already thinking I have an amazing Mum, I opened the holdall and realised that I have the bestest Mum in the whole wide world. She brought me:
Sleepy tea (I still have trouble sleeping sometimes)
a writing magazine
running trousers (because my 14s are getting too big!)
a pretty green top
a bracelet to go with the top
travel nail files (for when I go to China in 2 weeks)
a normal nail file, with a buffer
some gift card embellishments
a lovely leather bag
some Stafforshire oatcakes. Mmmmmmm
anti-frizz hair serum
REAL VANILLA!! In pods and everything! So excited!!!
some red ribbon (I have a thing about ribbon. I just like it...)
a red jumper that she fixed for me
shower gel
a bag of marshmallows (may have to lock these up)
and a load of thin tops perfect for layering to keep warm up here.

This is on top of the Wii, Wii Fit and Wii Zumba she just bought me! I feel like the luckiest daughter ever.

Wish I could have bottled some hugs to keep with me though.
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