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3 Tips to Burn MORE Calories When Walking

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Arm yourself. As you walk, focus on swinging each arm forward along with the SAME LEG THAT IS STEPPING. This goes against how we normally walk (left arm moves back as right leg moves forward). Instead of the usual, try bringing your left arm forward at the same time as your left leg takes a step. It will take a little getting used to keeping your limbs in synch this way, but the payoff is that you'll BURN 26% MORE CALORIES, according to a recent study by the University of Michigan. A normal 3 mile walk that would burn 211 calories per hour will now take off 266. "

"Step it up. You can BURN up to 64% MORE CALORIES by adding an incline to your walk. Even just a slight increase in steepness will do the trick. Your legs and butt feel the difference as you work off more calories at a faster pace. When your muscles work harder, they will burn more calories and in turn, tone up faster." (Freelady's comment: If you're taking a walk and then coming back home, try to go uphill both ways.) emoticon

"Walk the road less travelled. If you normally walk on sidewalks, pavement or even the treadmill, try taking your walks on a ROUGHER PATH, such as an uneven trail, through a meadow or even on sand. This will make it more of a CHALLENGE TO STAY BALANCED, which translates to MELTING up to 82% MORE CALORIES. That's no small change and will be well worth the adventure of finding new & exciting places to walk." (Freelady says, you better wear cotton workout pants & cotton socks, to absorb all that fat melting off!) emoticon
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