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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


2x week yoga: YES
1x week "other" exercise: YES (walking)
1x week Deck: YES (35 cards in 30 minutes)

It's been well established that exercise isn't my weak point. Once I get into a good routine with it I get it done with little to no issues. I'm even managing to get it done when the schedule changes. Like this week, one of my yogas was on Saturday and it was self lead. I easily made up my own routine with little to no dawdling (yes, I have that problem when I make up my own routines I hem and haw and waste time--but not this time). Saturday "self" yoga was really good too.

For Deck, I did the sumo squats with a calf raise instead of regular weighted squats and let me just tell you, the doms I'm feeling today are thanks to that change. Ouch. It doesn't help that sumos were the winner in the exercise frequency this time round. Double ouch. I did manage to get a few more cards done this week but I'm not overly excited about it since I forgot to start my stop watch and did two cards before I did. I did give myself a 30 second penalty for it but I still feel that time snaffu may be why I managed to do so much better this week (if the increase had only been one or even two cards I might give myself sole credit, but three cards? yeah, I bet some of that was due to my forgetting to start my watch).


Tracking: better this week but still weak. I was officially On Track two days this week. So that is definitely improvement. But then I was over on other days which basically ate up any "under" or "on track" I had been. The only way "reducing calories" works is if you reduce EVERY day, not just once or twice.

F/V: 10 per work day: Good. I did have one 7 day and one 11 day, the rest were 10s. 5 per weekend day? No. I only managed 2-3 per weekend day. I blame it on being busy this weekend. I got my morning fruit in with no problem but then was busy with all kinds of things (so no eating at all) and when I got around to eating it was eating out. I didn't hog out when eating out but there was no veggies involved, either. Shameful eating moment (well, sort of--I'm not really "ashamed" but I need to be honest here so I'm going to mention it) on Sunday. I ate an entire bag of Milano cookies. Not in one sitting (like a my former fatter self would have) but over the course of the afternoon/evening I ate the whole bag bit by delicious cookie bit. And that's why I try not to bring such things into my house. I'm not beating myself up over it or anything dramatic like that. Just mentioning it for full disclosure reasons.

No extra food on work days: didn't do so hot on this one this week. Hunger plus boredom had me trecking off to the cafeteria. And I was craving soft pretzel a lot all week, so I caved one day and just had it (and it was fabulous and now I don't crave it anymore).


Saturday: Clean dining room top to bottom: DONE. And I'm so effing proud I could spit. *patooie* My spouse was right there with me, getting the work DONE. He even took the reins at one point when I got overwhelmed and couldn't figure out what part of the mess to tackle next (that happens to me sometimes). We made two trips to the goodwill (one Sat, one Sun) and nearly filled their collection bins each time. The cleaning even overflowed into the kitchen and basement a bit. Since we were going to the thrift we made a point to get all the old clothes from the basement (finally!) and we took Mount Recycling to the recycling bins. I also swept up the stairs and into the upstairs hallway (as far as the sweeper's cord would go--I was motivated but not enough to find a new outlet to plug in to finish the hallway--my ambition only goes so far).

I'm so happy the recycling is now cleaned up. Now I can implement my new mail rule. I'm going to sort that crap every day when I get it, leaving ONLY the necessary stuff in one neat pile on the wife's side of the table. There was no reason for me to have been so lazy with that task, so now that stops!

Sunday: Clean bathroom, tidy other cleaned up rooms. DONE. Dumped the cat box, changed the sheets. And my wife even spritzed the shower stall after his shower (so I didn't have to scrub it). I know all this sounds so dumb, but these are HUGE things for both of us. We're just so lazy and slovenly and it's amazing how much we'll put up with (clutter/mess wise) before we crack. And having a crapped up house really affects your mood. I'm so much happier with a tidy space and having that sense of accomplishment that comes with getting it clean and then KEEPING it tidy and clean.

No t.v. before 8 p.m. I'm hit or miss on this. When I do have early t.v. (like if I'm eating and watching) I can easily get up from it and turn it back off or do something more constructive. So I don't know that this is really a huge issue with me but it does have the potential to be, so I'm going to keep an eye on it but not worry too hard on being strict with it.

Crafty clean up is still going strong, too. I have all the crafty stuff up in the room and am still organizing it and getting it all nice up there. That will be a long term project.


Just sent out a ton of stuff (today) for swaps. Five different swap bot swaps (four were dotee dolls I made, one was just a fabric swap) and two packages of things I was giving away (found some interesting stuff while cleaning so I offered it up at a forum I frequent).

No progress on my painting. The car was in the shop so we skipped class. No harm. No foul.


Greatful Journal: still doing well. I do tend to play catch up on Monday (for the weekends) but I'm ok with that. It gives me a chance to really reflect on my weekend to find the things that were good about it.


Grade for the week: B The tracking is still dragging me down, but this is a stronger B then previous (I don't really like doing the +/- thing). The raging sucess with the chores and exercise is still carrying me.

Here's to next week being even better.
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NIGHTSKYSTAR 2/13/2013 6:51PM

    sounds like you did a WONDERFUL job this week!!

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CATLADY52 2/12/2013 6:42PM

    You sound like you're getting a handle on everrything. That's really great! emoticon

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-POOKIE- 2/12/2013 2:55PM

    Hey thats really good going, particularly with the cleaning stuff!

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ZIGGY122 2/12/2013 1:38PM


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LOSE4LIFE47 2/12/2013 1:34PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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