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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well I would just like to say that the sun is finally shineing in ohio and the temperature is in the 40's. I can go and run in the evening with just a sweater on and not worry about falling down on the ice. The snow is all melted and i hope it doesnt come back. Its the middle of February so who knows what is going to happen in ohio. I just hope this weather stays. Although the ground hog didnt see his shadow so it will probably snow again. usually when he sees his shadow then it wont snow anymore. But who knows that is just a fluke anyways. LOL. I finished week 2 day 2 last night and i have to admit not running for a week it was pretty hard to keep going but i did. I have a little pain this morning and my muscles are a little tight. I am going to do day 3 wednesday evening and week 3 day 1 on friday. I havent really ran on fridays yet but I am determined to do it. I told my chiropractor that I wasnt losing weight like i thought i should be with running and eating healthy but she said she runs all the time and doesnt really lose weight anymore. however she told me that I will probably lose some weight while running because my body is out of shape but once i get into more shape then it wont be working that well anymore. she said i would have to do some strength training to get the weight off. She said the best way would be doing the jillian micheals 30 day shred. i hate that workout. not because it doesnt work but because i feel like i work to hard for it. lol Its a pretty tough workout for me and i cant even do all the things. I cant do jumping jacks and jump rope right after each other because my feet start to burn so freaking bad. But i did try the video by doing jumping jacks and then punches. so i did the second round twice. but i think i can switch it out with butt kicks also. i guess the only excuse i really have is that i just dont want to do it. But I might do it today. or i might just lift some weights. I just have a hard time knowing what to do with them. lol i will have to find a video for that! I havent managed to do much for school but I am going to have to hit the books soon. I also need to super clean my house. i need to mop and wash the windows. I just dont feel like it. The winter time just suck the life out of you especially when you live where it gets cold. But now the weather is picking up and i am starting to get that energy again to do things. It started to kick in a little yesterday and its more today but I also know the weather can change in a minute and i dont want to get my hopes up. I just guess today i am full of excuses! But some days you need to be... lol there it goes again! oh well I will just suck it up and clean the windows. Maybe once i actually get up and do it i will feel like doing more the hardest part it getting your head and your body to think the same thing and just do it. Well I am going to go and clean my windows so the sun can shine through them more and might my house brighter!
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    Window washing, if you work up a sweat, counts in SP fitness minutes under Heavy cleaning or house cleaning. Jillian workouts are hard and she explains that you'll improve over time but there are other less strenuous options. You shouldn't dread working out as the stress will release Cortisol, which will stop weight loss. There are lots of SP videos in various fitness levels to use for weight training. There are also lots of dance type workouts (Bali, Zumba, UJam) on UTube. They are fun. The workout time flies by and they burn lots of calories. Check out some of these options to add variety and use different muscles. You may be surprised.
    1863 days ago
  • DOTTY7267
    I know how the weather can definitely impact your mood and activities, being from Michigan. Also, the lack of sunshine during the winter months doesn't help either. But keep your focus and push yourself with the videos. You'll feel great knowing that you've stretched yourself beyond what you thought you could accomplish.

    1863 days ago
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